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AiSchedul vs. Combin- Which Platform is Better to Auto-post on Instagram?

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Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms. If you want to grow on the platform you have to post consistently. While managing our accounts, maintaining all of the different interactions can become a very lengthy process. The minute things that help you gain engagement on Instagram such as liking, comment, and following other accounts take a lot of your time. Using Instagram schedulers can help you deal with all of these issues. Schedulers like AiSchdul and Combin are some of the best sites to purchase Instagram followers. In this article, we have compared all of the features and tools that both of these platforms have to offer.


  • Scheduler


Having a scheduler makes posting on Instagram an easy task. Modern-day schedulers have taken automation for posts to a completely different level.


The scheduler from Combin has all the features you could ask for. The posts that you schedule are automatically posted on your account at a fixed time. Unlike other applications, you do not need to manually hit send for each post. After downloading their application, you need to log in to your account. They do not store your passwords and there is no risk to the safety of your account. Their software is very easy to use.

You need to select the post you want to make along with the caption of that post. You have the option to tag locations in your post as well. With the help of their calendar, you select the date and time for each post. The software publishes the posts precisely at the time fixed by you. This tool gives you the option to use a different IP address while posting your content. You can set a proxy for your account and all of your posts are routed through that proxy.  They provide support for Stories as well that helps you to gain engagement on Instagram


AiSchedul has a great scheduling tool. Their software can help you plan months. When you schedule posts for your accounts, they go live automatically. There is no need to approve those posts. This helps you to post content at times when your engagement is high even if you don’t have the time to post it manually.

You can integrate all of your accounts on their platform and distribute content to them all at once. Their tool not only allows you to publish posts but stories and IGTV videos as well. When preparing content on their application, you have the option to post immediately or choose a date and time that suits your account. By using their scheduler you can add hashtags to your posts. These hashtags are added as the first comment on your post. Just like Combin, you can tag locations as well for your posts.


  • Tools



Subscribing to a package on Combin provides you with great tools to boost your engagement. Combin Growth contains some essential tools to map out your progress and analyze data crucial for securing good growth on Instagram. Their dashboard allows you to look at all key engagement such as likes, comments and follows for your account. Using their tools you can track accounts that do not follow you and unfollow them. 


The audit feature uses an AI algorithm to analyze your account and present you with key statistics such as engagement rate, follower to following ratio, post frequency, and much more. They have a rewards feature as well. This reward feature allows you to specify some conditions. These conditions could be sharing your post, liking it, etc. When these conditions are met, the software sends a dm to that user with the gift code that they have won. This makes holding contests to gain engagement much easier. Their all-in-one Bio link helps you to gain instagram followers. They create a bio for your account that contains all of the essential links. This improves the visibility of your website and other social media accounts.


  • Pricing


AiSchedul and Combin both have amazing prices that make them one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers.


Combin has a free package to give people a small snippet of the range of services they offer. This free package has a few essential features that help you to manage your Instagram account. If you want to be serious regarding Instagram and get detailed analysis choose their paid packages. These packages offer great services while charging quite a small fee. Their cheapest package will cost you $15 per month. This gives you access to detailed statistics, mass looking of stories along the features present in the free version. The most expensive package costs $30 per month and allows you to add up to 5 Instagram accounts on the platform. This package is ideal to manage several accounts from a single platform.


Aischedul has fully transparent pricing. They do not have any hidden costs or charges. The price that you see listed on their website is the exact amount that you have to pay. They have a free package as well. This package gives you access to % scheduled posts per month, social media calendar, youtube to IGTV, and other cool features.

But as it is a free package you do not get to experience the true potential of Aischedul. Subscribing to their paid packages gives you access to a host of features that help you to gain engagement on Instagram. Their paid packages cost $7 and $23 per month. Both of these packages give you access to almost all of the features of Aischedul. The company even offers discounts on their packages from time to time.


Having such competitive prices along with the great features they offer makes them one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers. Using their paid packages helps you to optimize your account for maximum engagement and help build a sustainable follower base. Their tools remain unmatched and will give you a better chance at boosting your engagement.

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