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5 Ways to Run Interesting Contests on Instagram

Now, contests on Instagram are one of the best ways to garner attention to your brand or business on this social media platform as this social media platform boasts more than one billion active monthly users.

One of the main reasons on why contests are conducted is to promote the brand on this social media platform as well as boost the engagement of the brand, not to forget to mention the fact that these contests are one of the best ways to not only get attention to your brand but also gets noticed by the algorithm of Instagram.

For every Instagram marketer, each of these Instagram contests plays a huge role when it comes to building and growing their brand as organically as they can, especially when it comes to generating engagement and investing in social media.

They know it helps in increasing their reach on the social media platform as well as even building on creating your image as a growing brand or even an Instagram influencer. Moreover, it builds trust within your community of followers which naturally, attracts potential followers and increases your rate of engagement. But when it comes to Instagram contests, it is actually important that you know what brings in more instagram followers and a higher rate of engagement.

So, which are the five ways to run interesting contests on Instagram?

Your own products.



Now, people live for free products where they do not have to pay money. You could hold contests on Instagram where you would be holding a giveaway of select products provided the user shared the post with their friends and on their story and saved the post as well.

One of the main reasons behind this is that because of the new algorithm that Instagram has introduced, the primary focus of the social media platform is on how many saves and shares does your post receive and this promotes the value of your overall content. Make sure that once you put up the contest post on the social media platform, you specify the rules and also tag your social media account.

Instagram Scavenger Hunts.



Scavenger hunts in general, and in real life are usually the life of the parties and extremely fun to participate in, and when it comes to social media, it makes the whole experience innovative and something people tend to actually remember because it is not only fun and different, it also makes the time they invested in the whole hunt worthwhile.

These scavenger hunts can be organized at any point of time, they can even be planned over a longer period of time just to prolong and increase your reach on Instagram as well as target and attract potential customers.

Like and comment to win Instagram contests. 



Now, liking the post and increasing the comments on your post also broadens your reach on Instagram. Planning contests where you specify one of the rules which involve to like and make the followers or friends of the user like the post, not to forget to make sure that they tag their friends as well, is one of the best ways to increase your reach on Instagram and will also boost your engagement rate on instagram.

Guess the caption of the post contests on Instagram. 



Here, you will have to upload a picture or video from your side and ask your followers to caption the post, and the best one wins. You could mention one of the rules being that they can type out the caption either in the comments or even share them on their story by tagging your account. This will allow your brand to organically grow and increase your engagement rates. 

Giveaways and collaborations.



Now these are slightly tricky because you will have to partner up with accounts similar to those in your niche. You will also have to pitch towards them and it will be a joint effort where you could organize giveaways and ask your followers to tag their friends and add a line on why exactly do they follow you or what really makes their day, just the simple interactive things that would lead them to comment more, and tag more people. 

Now, these are the five different and varied ways to run interesting contests on Instagram where you can plan your budget and expenses accordingly as well as the fact that you can create the hype for it well in advance.

You will definitely need to plan well beforehand considering these take time and will help in boosting your rate of engagement and increase your chances of getting noticed by the algorithm of Instagram which will help you reach out to your target audience and followers.

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