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Is 10000 Followers a Lot on Instagram?

When Facebook came fresh into the market in the year 2004, it attracted a lot of attention in the market and gained excessive popularity as time went by.

Then, came Instagram, six years after the successful launch of the former mentioned social app. It was not long before Instagram became the new Facebook and people started using it with great fun.

For fame and popularity, you need to have as many followers as you can to culminate. There are shortcut ways to increase your followers, which is to buy them. You will get more Instagram followers in less time, but you will have to maintain their loyalty even more. 

Do the number of followers matter?

If you are solely looking for fame, then you need to have as many numbers of followers that you can manage.
Only a mere 15-16 % of total Instagram users have a following rate of more than 10000 followers and to maintain that requires a lot of potential.

Another big example of why having these many followers is a good thing is that you can link to your stories, and let your audience see your videos instantly, instead of having to attach the link on your bio.

Advantages & Disadvantages of 10000 Plus Followers

In the previous article, we have discussed how to get the maximum number of audiences for your profile. Hope, you got that right!
Once you have gained the minimum required audience members, there are a lot of pros you can relate to and many cons as well.

  • People will come to know the level of your knowledge and understanding of various things and day to day material.
  • When people will be able to swipe to your videos on various social media sites like YouTube, eCommerce sites through your stories, it will increase your reach and monetary benefits as well.
  • More traffic will be seen once you keep engaging in interesting posts and stories.
  • You can even make money out of it when various organizations get in touch with you to spread information about their own products.
  • When you have more followers, you become an influencer and when you become an influencer, you can drive the market as per your wish and manner.

There are some disadvantages as well in the field and we should try to acknowledge them.

  • You always need to post engaging and interesting stories to keep the audience loyalty with you and don’t lose them altogether
  • Buying the audience may seem like a good shortcut, but that may also lead to the removal of the account if the app senses anything off the record.
  • There is a huge possibility of getting criticism with the huge following and you need to be prepared to take some.

In spite of all these things, we still desire the need for getting a huge number of people with who we can share our daily habits or memes or pictures or travel stories or videos and reaching a number like 10000 is a big deal which when you accomplish, there will be many profits to come by.

More means to get followers

Create a good bio and a profile picture to lure them in and get more audience day by day.
Get good editing apps to create clearer and more graphic picture so that the audience gets hooked on it.

Take the support of Pods. These are support groups that come in a group of 15 or more accounts that enables engaging on your posts and bump them to the top of the list so that the viewer can see them first. Increased interest in your posts will ultimately lead to increased followers.

Always switch your personal account to a business one. This will enable the use of insights. Using Insights will let you get a lot of information based on the type of insights, namely, Post insight or Audience Insight.
Post Insight will let you know the number of people who viewed the post, shared it and even visited your profile after posting a particular story.

Audience Insight lets you know the age group of people who watch your stories the most, gender-based viewership, and even the time slots in which audience views are counted. All these factors should help you determine the kind of content specific to the audience and paid posts you will need in the future.


Having 10000 plus followers is not a joke and you need to be able to maintain them and increase them in order to remain popular. If you see the percentage of people having these many followers, you will see a small percentage, but to fall in that category means a higher position in the hierarchy. 

Make sure to keep on increasing your viewership to gain more and more followers every day.

A great plan is what you need to have. Follow the points with a list of steps and you will be just fine.

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