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10 Tips To Instagram Like a Pro

10 Tips To Instagram Like a Pro

It’s the details that matter. This is a very relevant quote when it comes to Instagraming like a pro. Because ultimately, what differs the professionals from the rest of the million Instagram accounts is the details. In this article, we’ll be giving you tips on those small details that you can adapt in order to make big changes.
1. Start with content: Becoming an Instagrammer starts with beautiful images. Nobody is going to want to follow you if you have low-quality boring photos.

2. Don’t use the front facing camera: The front facing camera on your phone is of a substantially lesser quality, always strive to share content out of the best quality possible.

3. Set exposure manual: It’s best to shoot slightly underexposed than overexposed because it’s easier to bring back shadows than it is with highlights.

4. As night falls, break out the accessories: Tripods will hold your phone/camera nicely to get a bit of a better still shot at night-time. A light cue gives you light in three stages, and sometimes you can incorporate into shots its weird color functions, which make [your pictures] psychedelic.

5. Use natural light: “Natural light is by far superior to any kind of artificial form, and cannot be replicated or mimicked.

6. Utilize other camera apps: I use Light Room apps on my phone depending on the content, (and) when I edit I edit on my little Macbook. The Photo editing app Colorstory is a useful app which focuses on fresh photos, bright whites, and colors that pop.

7. Stay charged: I always walk around with a battery pack. You will always see in an Instagram backpack a mobile charger… it gives you power on the go, (and) Instagrammers are always on their phones 🙂

8. Explore more: No matter how claustrophobic it may make you feel, your city has more to offer than meets the eye. Thanks to the photographic communities Instagram has created, it’s never been easier to go on a ‘photo mission’ to hunt for those hidden gems and secret spots.

9. Collaborate: An instameet is a really fun excuse for instagrammers and photographers to get together and capture images.

10. Be true to yourself: There are so many ‘rules’ attached to photography that it can get pretty hard to keep up. While best practices for composition, exposure settings, the rule of thirds and framing can all come in handy, they can also start to heavily restrict your creative process.


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