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How to Write Good College Essays

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Writing a college essay is an integral part of the admissions process when applying for a college or university. It’s an opportunity to express yourself and highlight your unique traits. For example, you can write about your hobbies, intellectual interests, or family history. Often, the best topics are the most unexpected, so choose an area of interest that’s personally relevant to you.

Characteristics of a good college essay

A good college essay must be thoughtful and tell the admissions officers something about you that they may not have already known. This may mean writing about something you haven’t written about before or expanding on a topic you have covered. According to Sara Newhouse, a senior consultant at Enrollment Research Associates and former vice president of admission at Birmingham-Southern College, the best essays contain action and thoughtfulness.

Colleges are looking for students who are driven and self-motivated. Self-driven students are not afraid of taking on challenges and learning new things. They don’t give up when they feel defeated. Students who are driven are also likely to be successful in college. In addition, they’re more likely to succeed than those who are passive.

When writing a college essay helper, don’t worry about how long it will take. The length of an essay is often limited by the number of characters or words allotted for the write my essay. Start by writing down your ideas, and then do strategic editing to trim the length. This will allow you to convey more information clearly and concisely. If you are unsure how to structure your essay, consider asking a teacher, mentor, or professional for help.


Authenticity is an essential characteristic of college essays, and admissions readers look for it. Essays are one place where the reader can hear the student’s authentic voice, so it’s essential to convey your personality in the best possible way. Many students, however, fail to do so and leave the reader with the impression that someone else wrote the essay instead of their own. To create an authentic voice, ensure you’re writing from your own experience instead of a fictional account of your life.

College essays are an excellent opportunity to show your true self. Admissions counselors look for passion, authenticity, and a personal perspective that will help them understand who you are. Therefore, try to write from a place of vulnerability and authenticity, and use examples to illustrate your ideas. By doing so, admissions officers can see your character’s and goals’ true nature.

While the trend of decreasing credentials for college applicants should be a good thing, some students struggle with presenting themselves as a natural person. Perhaps they’ve been taught to over-reach or fake it. Still, a college wants to see evidence of your passions and interests, not just a list of your credentials.

Narrative or theme

When writing a college essay writing service, several essential elements can make it successful. The first is the thesis. A thesis is a statement that is clearly stated throughout an essay. In a narrative, the thesis takes on a different role. Many narrative essays focus on a personal experience. In this essay, the thesis is a lesson learned through experience. A thesis can also be used to answer a question.

Another aspect of writing a narrative essay is choosing the topic. The topic can be something personal or assigned by the teacher. It’s usually not easy to develop a good theme for a story. If you’re assigned a topic, it’s essential to find one that will be relatable to your reader.

Narrative essays are a good choice if you want to tell a story. They are great for students who want to practice writing. Narrative essays also help you learn to tell a story, which is necessary for life.

Word count limit

If you’re writing a college essay, you should make sure that you follow the word count limit specified on the application. Your essay may be cut off if the word count is too high. On the other hand, if it’s too low, it will come across as if you have nothing to say. Also, ensure you follow the word-count instructions for sending other materials, such as your test scores.

Most colleges have a word-count limit on the essay, and while this might be a little challenging, it’s essential to stay within this limit. So don’t ramble on for several sentences; stick to a recommended word count range of 400-600.

College essays are short pieces of writing that require clear responses. While it’s tempting to go over the word count, it will only create a negative impression of you. To avoid this, make sure to write a concise introduction and conclusion. These sections should account for 10% of your overall word count. The rest of the paper should comprise 80% of the word count.

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