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How to Offer Ongoing Employee Training

A team of employees getting trained.

Ongoing employee training is critical to help today’s workers adapt to ever-changing workplaces. Luckily, it is not hard to keep up with the latest trends to promote continual development and training. Continual learning can help employees’ careers, and it also ensures they are providing as much value as possible to your organization.

Use Dash Cams to Monitor Drivers

Dash cams are a great tool for your fleet’s drivers. They can actually show drivers that your organization is looking out for their best interests. That’s because it is helpful for continual training and education. You can use these dash cameras for fleets to keep an eye on driver behavior, and the insights you gather can be used to create employee safety and training programs. If you see drivers at your company making common mistakes, you can host a training session to address these common issues. Another benefit for your business is that these cameras can greatly increase your ROI.

Offer Microlearning

It’s easy to lose focus, especially during the busy workday, so you may want to consider offering learning that can be done in shorter chunks of time. This is ideal for employees who may have shorter attention spans, as it can be difficult to concentrate. Even the busiest employee will have time to gain new skills when engaging in microlearning. Each part of a learning module might be offered as a short lesson. Breaking this up into smaller bits allows workers to take advantage of downtime between meetings or other projects. The participant can work at their own pace, as multiple lessons can also be completed in one sitting. Consider the way you can change up existing curriculum into shorter lessons. If each module has multiple activities, there might be the perfect opportunity to break it up a bit.

Encourage Employees Along the Way

Think about other ways of delivering development and training to employees. Today, workers want flexible ways of developing their career options, and they want to have access to self-directed opportunities so they can do the training programs like the ethics training program in a way that works best for them. Part of this is because each person has their own learning style, and what works for one person might not be helpful at all for another individual. Allowing them to choose their own learning route will allow them to have the tools they will need to be successful in a self-driven program. If you implement analytics in the platform, employees can use them to determine the learning path that is best for them. This also presents an opportunity to reward employees for performance when they excel in certain areas. This type of policy encourages not only productivity, but also fosters a culture where team members can celebrate one another in a way that feels nonthreatening.

Encourage Collaborative Learning

Technology offers many chances to learn independently, but it is also important to encourage engagement by allowing employees to collaborate with each other. There are plenty of social learning tools now, and you can benefit from them since collective knowledge will be shared. This also acts as a great team-building exercise. When employees share knowledge with each other, discussing content with others, they will have a better understanding of it themselves. Then they can integrate it into their current work.

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