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How To Monetize Your Facebook Page

How To Monetize Your Facebook Page

There are a lot of people out there who grow Facebook pages just because it looks good or is “cool”. What if I told you that you could make money on your Facebook page while looking “cool”. Well, you can.

If you have a Facebook page with some level of following, with or without a website attached, there are a lot of ways to make money. Frankly, it’s easier to start with a Facebook page and build a monetized site than it is to start a site and try to build a Facebook following from it.

1. Sell & promote content

How To Monetize Your Facebook Page

On your Facebook page, you can almost promote anything (as long as it is allowed by Facebook). If you sell something of any sort whether it is an e-book or shoes, Facebook is great for promoting them.

2. Send Traffic to Affiliate Marketing Sites

To be able to do this, you have to be a part of an affiliate network. If you are influencer with a big following, this is no problem.  Once you are a part of an affiliate network, all you need to do is to post a link. After that, you may get paid per click or in some other form depending on what network you decide to join. Some influencing websites have tracking to see what you are able to do in terms of clicks or purchases.

3. Offer companies promotion on your page

This is actually relatively common on all sorts of social media. Depending on how big of an influencer you are, the payment for this varies a lot-but it is you that set the prices. All you have to do is get in touch with different brands and ask them if they would be interested in marketing their products on your page. For example: you can charge for single marketing posts or a link in your bio. It is completely up to you. Note that if you have a big enough page, brands often come to you.

4. Sell Products through a Third Party Service

You can design and sell products without having to do any of the product manufacturing, shipping, inventory, upkeep, or anything else. If you are a creative, one example is to begin putting your art on various products and selling it. There are multiple sites which allow you to create easily print shirts, phone cases, or socks and sell them. It’s pretty simple and it’s a route that a lot of midrange Facebook pages take.

5. Sell your knowledge to people who need help building their own page

Learning schooling written on chalkboard

You’ve grown a Facebook page to the point where people call it “big” and you have probably learned a lot regarding how to do it. Expect that you have knowledge that others don´t . It may be time to share your knowledge, time and help. Sell a service where you offer people help with setting up their very own page and how to grow it. What you basically do is to teach people “how to monetize your Facebook page” but instead, you teach them how to monetize their own.

6. Facebook apps

Beetailer. Helps you import your existing online store into Facebook (if you have one)

Storefront Social. Enables businesses to showcase their products or services on their Facebook page.

ShopTab. One of the leading Facebook store applications.

That was everything for this article! We hope you´ve learned how to monetize your Facebook page and hopefully are able to adapt it to your own page. If you have any further questions, don´t hesitate to comment below and ask!

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