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Game Changers: How To Clean Every Room At The House Quickly & Effectively

Cleaning drawers.

Is your house currently full of dirt and in such a messy condition? Well, you need to clean it up immediately! Though it might seem simple, not cleaning your house for a long time can result in a dangerous situation. Houses with dirty and messy conditions can pose various kinds of risks.

5 Dangers That Lurk Behind A Dirty and Messy House

Losing Things

If your house is too messy and cluttered, then you can easily lose your things among the unorganized stuff that crowds your house. This situation can keep happening to you, and thus in the end it can make you confused and angry. After all, who would not feel frustrated if they suddenly lost an important thing they needed immediately? To ensure that this unfortunate thing does not happen, always keep your house clean and free of messes.

Causes of Stress

Do you often experience stress at home?  If yes, maybe it happened because your living condition is full of mess! Not only a dirty home can affect the way you feel and think, but you can also feel stress due to losing important things you need. This definitely will impact your emotion and make you feel easily frustrated.

Also, keeping the house clean by doing house-chores is one of the effective ways that you can do it, in order to relieve stress.

Cause an Accident

Accidents that happened in the house can also be caused by a dirty and messy house. This house condition can cause minor or major incidents. This is because you can easily stumble or fall due to the messy objects around you.

Reduce Mental Health

The messy living conditions can also decrease your mental health. Living in such an environment can make you feel tired and unhappy. As a result, it will slowly degrade your mental health.

Risk of Inviting Animals and Bugs

A dirty and messy house can be the reason why animals and bugs are crowding your house. If you find rats, cockroaches, or flies often around your house -it should be a wake up call for you to immediately clean your house!

How To Clean Each and Every Room

You might think that cleaning the house is a difficult and time-consuming activity. Thus for busy people, this is the main reason why they can not clean their house regularly. But well, cleaning the house is not that hard to do!

To save time, before cleaning the house you should prepare a list of rooms or parts of the house that you must prioritize for the cleaning session. It is very understandable if you can manage to clean it all at one time. Creating a priority list can help you to manage your time more efficiently.


When you clean the bedroom, the first thing that you should do is immediately remove the dirty sheets and change them into new ones.

Reorganize the room, and dust the furniture quickly to ensure that the dirty particles can be wiped away. If there is a carpet in the room, be sure to vacuum it beforehand. You should also hire professional carpet cleaning  once in a while to ensure that your carpet is thoroughly clean and smells fresh all the time.

You can end your bedroom cleaning session by sweeping the floors and surfaces before mopping them with a solution of water and floor cleaner.


Upon entering the bathroom, first, spray the shower all over the room. Then, apply toilet cleaner around the toilet area. You can let the cleaning fluid sit for a minute while you can do other chores, such as cleaning the mirrors, countertops, and sinks.

When you’re done wiping the surfaces, do a quick rinse in the shower area.  If you have a glass shower door that acts as the divider, then you need to take a minute to make sure that the glass is thoroughly rinsed and dried. Last but not least, take a toilet brush and clean the inside of the toilet bowl. Do a quick wipe on the outside of the toilet, from top to bottom to finish it off.

Don’t forget to also empty the trash that you may put inside the bathroom!

Living Room

Now it’s time to move to a room that is easier to clean, which is the living room area. Start by picking up items that have been scattered around the living room. This is usually what makes your house look so messy in the first place. Especially if you have kids, this is a common thing that will happen almost every time in your house.

But it does not mean that you have to keep everything in a messy state just because you think that cleaning it up won’t be necessary. Keeping the floor clutter-free  will ensure the safety of everyone at the house, especially your little one.

After putting away all of the scattered items, you can follow suit with wiping the dust on the living room furniture with the method of cleaning left to right and top to bottom!


This is probably the most dreaded room to clean besides the bathroom. But, kitchen cleaning will be fast if it is cleaned efficiently. Start by washing the dishes and wiping all the counter areas, including the stove. You can use baking soda to help you clean away all the crust that might be there due to the food splattered.

You should clean your kitchen every time you use it. This is very important, because the kitchen area is the main place where you will prepare your food, thus it will be very easy to get dirty and become the breeding ground of dangerous bacteria. If you do not clean it regularly, your whole family’s health can be in jeopardy!

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