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Top 3 Crypto Exchange Aggregator

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Cryptocurrency exchanges are online platforms where crypto investors can buy and sell digital assets, in particular, cryptocurrency-bitcoins or altcoins.

At the time, some hundred crypto exchanges and crypto exchanges with various terms of assistance are free to crypto-investors. Let’s take a look at the best ones.


The BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange is one of the largest Bitcoin trading platforms today with a daily trading volume of more than $ 3 billion.

  • BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange was established by HDR Global Trading Limited in 2014. Since its inception, its trading history is more than $ 34 billion in bitcoins. Today it is one of the largest Bitcoin trading platforms with a daily trading volume of over $ 3 billion.
  • The BitMEX market for the XBT / USD trading pair if you want to make ALGO to CAKE exchange is the most liquid in the world: liquidity is 1500%, and this is higher than any other cryptocurrency exchange.
  • All deposits are held within XBT coins, which are then applied to purchase and trade other cryptocurrencies. The exchange does not support fiat currencies.
  • BitMEX performs 100 checks per second, continuously checking balances and the history of all accounts. The trading platform also has high leverage: up to 1: 100 for Bitcoin and up to 1:50 for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. The user can find various types of contracts, including a “perpetual contract” with high leverage that does not have a specific expiration date.
  • The test model of the exchange, the so-called “sandbox”, will be especially useful for users unfamiliar with trading. It can be used to practice placing, executing, and canceling orders of different types and sizes.
  • The exchange interface supports 5 languages. A convenient trading panel displays all relevant market data in real-time. The bitmex control panel is not the easiest one, but there is an option to switch between the basic and advanced versions.
  • Amongst other items, the BitMEX team prioritizes safety concerns. The platform uses advanced security measures, making it a reliable repository for its customers’ digital assets.


The Binance cryptocurrency exchange, which is widespread among merchants, was started in 2017 and now holds top places in the business ranking.

Binance cryptocurrency exchange was started in 2017 throughout the ICO. Check out the full Binance review.

Binance is registered in Switzerland, owned by Shanghai-based Beiji Technology, and is managed by a team of professionals with solid Wall Street experience in cryptocurrency technology led by Changpeng Zhao, who previously led Blockchain development and was also the co-founder and CTO of OKCoin.

Today Binance is:

– the daily trading volume of $ 4 billion;

– more than 230 currency pairs;

– strictly a cryptocurrency exchange;

– own cryptocurrency Binance Coin (BNB);

– the lowest commissions for transactions – 0.1%, as well as a 50% discount when paying with BNB;

– need of verification when removing less than 2 BTC per day;

– processing higher than 1.4 million requests per moment;

– support for 8 languages

– two interface methods: Basic for newcomers and Advanced for old and rich selling;

– mobile application for IOS and Android.

Binance users note the high level of security and technical support of the exchange.

Binance is considered the fastest-growing trading platform. In January 2018, a release amount of registrations on the exchange was registered – 250,000 per hour.


Kucoin is another crypto exchange aggregator which is an ambitious and very promising crypto exchange with its cryptocurrency, has been operating since September 15, 2017, and plans to surpass the popularity of the Binance exchange.

KuCoin is a Hong Kong-based platform that enables you to manage multiple activities with digital coins, sale over 300 pairs, and exchange one cryptocurrency for another. And all this is within the framework of one fully functional platform, the services of which are available to users from all over the world.

He started with a small exchange service called Kubi, which gradually transformed into a full-fledged cryptocurrency exchange that now operates on a global scale.

A talented team of specialists from Ant Financial is working on the development and further promotion using the most innovative technologies to ensure the stable and smooth operation of their project.

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