Wednesday, December 6

State Street Bank Launches Division Dedicated to Cryptocurrency

State Street, a U.S. custodial bank with $40 trillion in assets under management, has created a cryptocurrency department. Executive vice president Nadine Chakar will lead the new State Street Digital business, which will answer Lou Maiuri, the bank’s chief operating officer. State Street is forming a digital finance division that will include cryptocurrencies, central bank digital currencies, blockchain technology, and tokenisation.

It plans to transform its GlobalLink platform into a multi-asset digital trading system. State Street Digital will be linked to the firm’s own electronic trading platform. The bank intends to grow into one that can handle both crypto and traditional assets.

The bank had previously stated that it was developing a new platform for trading digital assets, which is planned to launch in the middle of the year. State Street has stated that it would not be trading cryptocurrency on its upcoming digital asset trading platform. However, that seems to have changed.

Ron O’Hanley, the CEO of State Street, said, “Digital assets are fast integrating into the traditional financial services system.” According to him, the firm wants to be ready to assist clients as their desire for digital assets grows. Chakar added that it’s a tremendous indication of commitment from their CEO.

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State Street had been making headway into the cryptocurrency industry. Iconic Funds BTC (+4.21% ) ETN GmbH, a unit of Iconic Fonds Gmbh, a holding company that handles crypto assets, has selected the bank as the administrator of a planned bitcoin-backed exchange-traded note (ETN). After the ENT’s initial public offering was withdrawn in April, State Street said that it would not participate in the company.

This year, the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States is likely to approve a bitcoin exchange-traded fund. The VanEck Bitcoin Trust has selected State Street as its fund administrator and transfer agent. The debut of the fund is contingent on the SEC’s approval of a bitcoin ETF, which may come this year or next.

Bitcoin, the most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalisation, has seen a recent bull run, but critics are still skeptical of investing in it. Before allocating, many investors may be searching for traditional custodians or advice platforms to help them.

State Street is the second of the five main worldwide custodians to offer a digital asset management solution. Assets under management and custody total $3.6 trillion and $40.3 trillion, respectively. This year, BNY Mellon aims to provide consumers with crypto asset services.

State Street Digital Asset Management is a new business that will focus on the digital asset market. The company has collaborated with a number of bitcoin firms and will act as the administrator for a planned bitcoin ETF. It is also the transfer agent for VanEck’s Bitcoin Trust, which will float on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Bank of America has revealed intentions to launch a new digital currency trading branch within its foreign exchange division. It announced earlier this year that it was lending its technology to Pure Digital, a start-up that aspires to be the go-to crypto trading platform for institutions. The division will also provide additional liquidity channels for clients and investors, according to the bank.

The firm has historically shied away from talking about entering the bitcoin custody market, which has seen interest from Citigroup to JPMorgan. For now, Chakar said that they would continue to offer their fund administration services and offer clients a white label software service that allows clients to trade across liquidity venues. Chakar added that they are “building and will deploy at the right time.”

State Street has yet to publicise a target date for the launch of its first bitcoin unit, but says clients are “desperate for knowledge.” Additionally, State Street is not the only financial services firm looking to invest in digital currency. There’s also interest from corporates, which are considering allocating to Bitcoin on their balance sheets.

In terms of its other goals, the company may update its current GlobalLink platform to accommodate peer-to-peer bitcoin trading, allowing institutions to try out the DeFi market.

On State Street’s website, it is written that cryptocurrencies have piqued the curiosity of ordinary investors and even certain hedge funds as a speculative vehicle. But, in a portfolio, do they serve as a growth engine or a diversifier? Based on their track record for diversification stocks (or not) over the previous nine years, we investigate bitcoin’s potential function in multi-asset portfolios. The argument for bitcoin as an equities hedge has yet to be made, though it may be on its way.

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