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5 best ALT Coin Wallets of 2022

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You must have heard about Bitcoin, but not many of you must have heard about Altcoin. All cryptocurrencies apart from Bitcoin are called Altcoins. For example, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, and several other cryptocurrencies are available in the present market. As of today, there are more than 8000 cryptocurrencies available for selling and buying. To know more about cryptocurrencies and trading, visit

For some people cryptocurrency is currency and for others, it is a store. Whatever is the perception of people, they have some value and their value is increasing every single day. You just need to make sure that you have a safer place for storing them. They are stored digitally and you will need the right type of wallet for storing them.

You have two kinds of wallets – Hot wallet and Cold Wallet. Hot Wallets are always connected to the internet. You will have to access, store or use the altcoins online only. But with a cold wallet, that is not the case. The private keys are stored offline, usually in the form of a physical device. The chances of being hacked are high with Hot wallets when compared to cold wallets.

If you are looking for the best Altcoin wallets of 2022, then this article is for you. We have come up with the best five Altcoin wallets here:

Ledger Nano X:

If you are looking for more security in your Altcoin wallets, then you need to go for a cold wallet. One of the best cold wallets for any kind of crypto trader is Ledger Nano X. From beginners to experts, everyone will be able to use this Altcoin wallet. It comes at a very affordable price and you can hold your crypto in a very secure manner. Compared to many other similar wallets, this will be able to hold more coins and also supports different types of coins. You can install almost 100 apps like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other coins as well.

Trezor One:

Trezor One is another good option for a hardware wallet. This is the best pick for those who are looking for an Altcoin wallet at a very lower price. But the price of the wallet does not put a bar on the features that it offers to you. It comes with almost all the features that the other similar wallets have. The manufacturer of this device is in the crypto market since 2014. So, they have good knowledge about what a customer looks for in such a device. They made sure to add all those features so that you don’t have any glitches while using the device.

Keep Key:

For keeping your bitcoin and other Altcoins safe when you are buying and selling them, Keep Key can a great choice. When it was first launched, it looked more like the Trezor wallet. But later it was given a brand new and premium look. A lot of interesting features were added to this wallet like larger screen size. The reason for doing so many enhancements is to provide a good experience to the people using it.

Meta Mask: 

This wallet was first launched like a browser extension. It looked very similar to the firefox or chrome browsers. Later, more features were added and it now supports apps as well. It was designed to support only Ethereum coin, but later it started supporting other Altcoins as well. It is completely a free wallet, but if you are looking for some additional security features then you will have to pay a few bucks.


Another popular Altcoin wallet is Binance. It was launched in the year 2017, and still, it is one of the best and most preferred Altcoin wallets in the present market. The reason why this is very popular is, you will be able to receive a refund of your investment if your account gets hacked. But you should also remember that the hack did not happen because of your negligence. There is a two-factor authentication process in Binance, email authentication, and SMS authentication as well.

So, these were the best five Altcoin wallets that you try if you are investing in more than just Bitcoin. Many of these wallets support more than one type of Altcoin at a time.

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