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5 Reasons why you Should Advertise on Facebook

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It is not an overstatement to say that XXI century is an explosion of the digital era. Books are replaced with kindles, websites are prior over the newspapers and magazines. In the pandemic period, even training, conferences, competitions are held through different online platforms.

There is a tendency that the demand for social media is dramatically increased. As statistics prove, nowadays “Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide, with over 2.7 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2020”. The second quarter of the last year included only 2.375 billion monthly active users. So, it is really worth it to make an advertisement on such a popular network if you seek a profit. Here are some reasons why I suggest advertising on Facebook

A wide range of Consumers

Facebook includes almost every age category consumer. For example: as reports, 23.8% of users are 18-24 years old, 82%  of users are college graduates, and 4.8% are seniors aged 65+  . As it clearly seems from the statistics, every potential consumer is united in one space, and every user is able to see your advertisement.

If you decide to make an advertisement on the website or the billboard, you automatically decrease the number of potential viewers and then consumers. Which would not be profitable for specific products and generally for business.

Advertising on Facebook is affordable 

If you have a little or restricted budget for advertising, then Facebook is a great way to make your business popular. First of all, you should determine the target audience and only then launch the AD. This is highly productive because when the audience is predetermined, the cost is cheaper. Moreover, Facebook always suggests a brief guide on how to purchase and launch the AD, if you are a beginner.

Communication with customers 

Facebook is very convenient to have direct communication with consumers and interested users, in case of questions regarding your business or its products. Facebook users always have the ability to set the questions in the comment section and you answer promptly.

This will help greatly your business to have satisfied customers, or at least interested users will get detailed information about the product. Actually, there is a high probability that in the future those interested users of customers. Also, I would like to add that business’s success is measured by the number of people who know about it. You can always  buy likes from SOCIALGREG in order to make a business more famous.  Moreover, this website is highly helpful, if you need to increase the number of Likes in a short time. 

The speed of information dissemination

Facebook is an amazing platform for information dissemination. Users can spread information about your business in private chats and even in groups. This means that if one customer is satisfied with your product, on average ten more users will know about it, if one user is interested in your product, after posting in groups of several thousand members, the popularity of the business.

The smartest way to become a more popular website 

Have you ever thought that you can advertise the whole website and not only a specific product? It is totally possible. Put the basic characterizations on the new product and then advertise the webpage on Facebook. After clicking the AD, users will see not only a specific product but also the diverse spectrum of your product and services.

They can read the history of the foundation, get the location of the business and etc., raising awareness in society, is a great precondition of success. The formula is simple: if plenty of people know about your business, there is a high chance of success.


There is no doubt that advertising a product through digital technology is. The era of newspapers, magazines, billboards And the priority of advertising belongs to social networks. However, between them, Facebook deserves to take the first place because of its profitable characteristics.

You as an owner of the business or just a beginner startupper are capable to use the various possibilities of this social network and make your product more well-known and successful. Facebook gives an opportunity to communicate easily with interested users, and what is more important you can do it at an affordable price.

This network is the smartest way to introduce your product to the wide range of communities and spread basic information extremely fastly. 

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