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How Can You See If Someone Is Not Following You on Facebook?

Are you one of those who like keeping track of the people following you on social media? If yes, you wonder who has recently unfriended or unfollowed you on your Facebook. But, while curiosity is fun, do you want to know who has unfollowed you?

Being an open forum, Facebook has become a platform filled with opinions of people you either don’t relate to or don’t conform with. Either way, it’s the way. But, similarly, there might be people who reciprocate the same feelings seeing your posts.

This article will explore some foolproof ways to check if someone is following you on Facebook.

Unfriend and Unfollow – Are They the Same?

The short answer is no. Let us explain.

When someone “unfriends” you, your accounts have no connection on Facebook unless you decide to become friends on the platform again. Unfriending means the other person’s posts, likes, shares, comments, etc., won’t appear on your posts or feeds. If your privacy settings are set so people outside your friend list won’t be able to message you, that’s prohibited, too.

Unfollowing, on the other hand, is a lot more subtle. The person who has unfollowed you on Facebook is limiting the posts on their feed. But it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to comment like their posts or see what they post on their feed. It simply means that your posts won’t show up on their feed.

Either way, understanding the difference between unfriending and unfollowing is crucial before we proceed to the following topics.

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How to Check If Someone Has Unfollowed You on Facebook – The Manual Method

If you are restless and don’t have the time to use a tool to check who has unfollowed you on Facebook, the manual method works just fine.

However, we’d not recommend this technique if you want to check multiple accounts that have recently unfollowed you. This method works well if you’re going to cross-check for 2-3 accounts or even up to 10 accounts with ease.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open your Facebook profile page.
  • Tap on More.
  • Click on Followers.
follower tab on facebook page

Under the list, if you find someone on your friend list but not the follower list, it means they have unfollowed you.

How do you check if someone has unfriended you on Facebook?

We discussed briefly that unfriending and unfollowing someone on Facebook is different.

So, now that you know how to check if someone has unfollowed you, it makes sense you’d want to know if someone has unfriended you.

For that, you need to follow the steps mentioned:

  • Open your Facebook profile.
  • Tap on Friends.
  • In the search list, type the name of the friend you wish to check.
searching friend in facebook friends list

If they don’t appear in the search results, it indicates they have unfriended you on Facebook. There are possibilities that they have disabled or deleted their accounts, too. There is also the possibility that they have blocked you on Facebook.

Are there ways to automatically check if someone has unfollowed on Facebook?

As we said, manually checking each unfollower on Facebook can be tiresome, and it’s optional, too. Unless you regularly check their follower and friend count daily, keeping up with the followers can be hectic.

This is where you need to leverage the power of technology. A variety of unique online tools are available.

Among them, “Who Deleted Me” stands out. This is an extension that works with Chrome and Firefox. Every time you log into your Facebook account, the extension records your friend list and the people in it. This includes the followers list, too.

who deleted me

If there are people who have unfollowed or unfriended you, checking this extension will help you figure things out without needing to do the work yourself.

Note: This third-party app gets to tap into your Facebook account details. We’d recommend that you proceed with caution.

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Why Do People Unfollow or Unfriend on Facebook?

Now that you better understand the concept of unfollowing or unfriending on Facebook, let us move on to the reasons.

Why do people do that in the first place? Well, there could be multiple reasons behind it.

1. Keep the Feed Clean

Every person uses social media as an escape, and the last thing they want is for their Facebook feed to be filled with low-quality content. This is one of the primary reasons people unfollow or unfriend people on Facebook.

2. Limit the Updates

If you have people in your friend list who treat their Facebook as a news bulletin, you probably need to catch up on their consistent updates. This is where unfollowing them comes into play. It keeps you on the friend list, but your Facebook feed isn’t bombarded with their updates every two minutes.

3. Prioritize Your Mental Health

People like to post about their accomplishments on Facebook, and while that is great, it might be something that only some people deal healthily with. If you are feeling like a failure seeing your friends reach new heights, it is time to tap that unfollow button. There’s nothing wrong with prioritizing your mental health.

Everyone has personal reasons why they unfollow or unfriend someone on Facebook. These are some of the standard reasons why.

How do you deal with someone unfollowing you on Facebook?

So, you have narrowed down the list of people on Facebook that have unfollowed you. And you seem to be upset about the development. What happens next?

Should you feel upset about it or do something about it? Following are a few tips to deal with the situation.

  • Believe it or not, people unfollow others on Facebook all the time. So, if you are sitting there sad or upset, one tip we’d like to give is not to take things personally. There could be several reasons why they unfollowed you, which might not be something you did.
  • If you are curious why someone unfollowed you on Facebook, especially someone you are close to, consider reaching out.
  • Sometimes, giving others a taste of their own medicine is okay. So, if someone has unfollowed you for no apparent reason, unfollow them back.
  • If the issue is severe and you don’t want the other person to follow or be friends with you on Facebook anymore, the best way to resolve that issue is by blocking them.

At the end of the day, how you process your feelings is totally up to you. Seeing someone unfollow you on Facebook might spark debates in your mind. It might make you feel like you did something wrong. How you handle the situation is entirely okay. Just ensure you aren’t doing something or saying something you regret.


The concept of unfollowing on Facebook often sparks interest and debates in people’s minds. If you are curious and want to check for yourself, we hope this article gives you a comprehensive rundown. We have sorted out all the relevant information to make it easier for you to check who has unfollowed or unfriended you on Facebook.

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