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Can You See Who Views Your Featured Photos on Facebook?


If you use Facebook, chances are you know how to check who viewed your Facebook stories. That’s a given. But can you see who viewed your features photos on Facebook? The short answer is Yes.

While it’s impossible to check who viewed your profile picture or cover image, you can keep track of people checking out your featured photos. It’s a lot similar to viewing your Facebook stories. However, most Facebook users aren’t aware of the specifics.

This article will explore everything you need to know about checking who viewed your featured photos on Facebook.

What are Facebook Featured Photos?

Are you familiar with Instagram’s “Highlight” feature? If yes, Facebook’s Featured Photos are pretty similar. This lets you upload a “collection of images and videos” that best represents your Facebook personality.

Some Facebook users include photos and videos of their friends, family, and significant achievements under Featured Photos. Whatever you add to this section will appear on your profile, enabling people to check them whenever they open your Facebook profile.

Much like cover photos, even Featured Photos are public. This means people can access and view the features photos if they have a public profile.

Ever since its release, Featured Photos have undergone a lot of changes. What started as a 3×3 grid now appears in the “Story” format.

Can You See Who Views Your Featured Photos on Facebook?

Featured Photos on Facebook work the same as your Facebook Stories. You will be able to track who viewed your featured photos.

However, there are some factors worth knowing. When you check who viewed your Facebook featured photos, there are two sections – Viewers and Others.

Viewers consist of people who are on your friend list. Others consist of people who are standard Facebook users who aren’t in your friend list. While you can see how many people outside your friend list have viewed your featured photos, their identity remains anonymous.

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How to Know Who Viewed Your Featured Photos on Facebook?

Now that you know you can keep track of people who have viewed your Facebook featured posts, the next question is, “How?”

How do you check who viewed them? For your convenience, we have sorted out the top methods that work.

1. Access your Facebook Profile Picture

The easiest way to check the views on your featured photos is by navigating to the profile tab first. For this, you’d need to log into your Facebook accounts first, either on the web version or on the Android or iOS app.

Once logged into your Facebook profile, click on your Profile image beside “What’s on your mind?” on the home page.

If that’s not your jam, you can click on the three-line stacked menu and then click on your profile tab to open your Facebook profile.

Once you are on the Facebook profile, you should find the “featured photos” under the profile image and details. Click on that and check who viewed them.

2. View One of Your Featured Collections

As we mentioned, Features Images on Facebook now appear in the “Story” format instead of a grid. So, once you are on your profile tab, scroll down until you see the featured image and video collection.

Depending on what or how many images and videos you have added, you should be able to view them individually.

When you click each one of the images or videos in the Featured Collection, you should find an “eye” icon that lets you review who viewed your featured photos. If the person is from your friend list, they will appear under the “Viewers” list. If they aren’t on the friend list, they will appear under “Others.”

3. Tap on the Arrow Icon

Next, you need to click on the featured photo collection in your Facebook profile. Clicking that will make the group full-sized.

From there, navigate to the corner and click the arrow to check the viewers. They will be classified under two categories. The Others category remains anonymous. But, you’d be able to know how many people from outside your friend list have viewed your featured photos.

4. Check Your Viewers

Once you click the arrow button, you’d be redirected to a page where you can find “Insights.” This is where you will find the list of all the viewers of your Facebook featured stories.

5. Examine your Other Viewers

Since the people under Others remain anonymous, it is difficult to know who viewed your featured images outside your friend list.

There’s no way of knowing or disclosing who viewed the featured stories outside your Facebook friend list. However, things can change in the future. Until then, you’d have to make do with the “view count.”


What are Viewers on Featured stories?

The viewers of featured stories on Facebook are the people (friends and non-friends) who have viewed these featured story collections on your profile.

Why can’t I see who viewed my featured photos on Facebook?

If you aren’t able to check who viewed your features photos on Facebook, it is most likely a software glitch. You also can’t view the names of people who are not your friends on Facebook.

Can your friends see your Featured photos?

Yes, your Facebook friends can view your featured photos. And you’d get to know if they saw your featured images.

Do featured photos appear on your timeline?

No, featured photos on Facebook appear like “Instagram highlights.” It’s only accessible from the person’s Facebook profile.

Why am I unable to upload featured photos to Facebook?

Poor network connectivity is the most common reason you can’t upload a featured photo to Facebook. Ensure that you are connected to a strong Wi-Fi signal. Also, ensure the size of the image is under 15MB.

How Can I Restore the Old Layout of Facebook Featured Photos?

If you have updated your Facebook app and the layout of the featured photos has changed, there’s no way to retrieve the old “grid-style” layout.

How Long Do Featured Photos Last on Facebook?

Featured photos on Facebook will last as long as you don’t change or remove them. It isn’t like the Facebook story that automatically deletes after 24 hours.


Including Features, images, and videos on Facebook is a great way to highlight important people and achievements in your life. If you are curious about who viewed them, Facebook lets you check the insights in real-time. We hope the tips and information in this guide give you all the details you need to check how many and who viewed your featured post on Facebook.

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