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100+ New Car Instagram Captions

Are you a person who has purchased a car and is eager to share it with others on Instagram? Yes. You can definitely pose with your car or simply post the car alone on your handle and let the others know. But, don’t you think a catchy caption for your post will increase your followers’ attention to a higher level? This article will provide you with various car captions for Instagram, from which you can choose the one you think is the best for your car.

Best Car Captions for Instagram 

Only car lovers will know the thrill of purchasing a new car. So, if you are a proud owner of one such car, and waiting to flaunt it on Instagram with some mind-blowing captions, you can explore some of them below:

  1. Nothing is more satisfying than going for a first ride in your own car.
  2. Good things will not come so easily. You have to earn them.
  3. My very first car. Definitely more precious than anything else in the world. 
  4. Lost for words to express my love for my first car!
  5. You know my passion for cars, you will understand how special this first car of mine is.
  6. Ready, Steady, Going for a drive in my car.
  7. New year, New beginnings, New car!
  8. Want to join me for a ride in my new car?
  9. Cruising in style in my new beauty. 
  10. New car, New experiences, ready, steady, wrooooom!
  11. A dream come true! Can’t believe she is in my garage!
  12. A perfect road journey is about to begin.
  13. Got the keys to unlock my love.
  14. Riding high on the happiness of getting my new car.
  15. Posing with my love. Can’t wait to get her started!
  16. My new car is my best companion. Enjoying her company!
  17. What would have I done without this beauty?
  18. Hearing my heartbeat at 0-120 mph now.
  19. This beauty is finally mine now.
  20. Beep, beep. It is now time to make way for this new beauty.
car caption

Short Car Captions for Instagram 

Here are some short and sweet car captions for you.

  1. New wheels, new rides.
  2. Riding into the future with this new beauty. 
  3. Chasing my dreams with this beauty.
  4. Not just a new car, it’s an emotion.
  5. Fuelled by passion to drive her.
  6. Reaching new destinations with her.
  7. Meet the newest addition to my garage.
  8. Head over heels in love.. with this dashing beauty.
  9. Taking driving to the next level with this beast.
  10. Hitting the roads with this stunning beauty.
  11. Head over heels in love with this beauty.
  12. You are hard to forget, my beast.
  13. Showering my beast with endless love.
  14. Stealing all my attention! You naughty beauty.
  15. My car speaks for me.
  16. Always and forever.

Entertaining Car Captions for Instagram 

Captions can be funny too. You can consider the options below:

  1. Sorry, my car accepts no one else but me.
  2. Got this new beauty to compete with my vibrant personality.
  3. My car and I are on the same wavelength. 
  4. I am on the run with this new beast. Catch me if you can. 
  5. Welcoming this new four-wheeler baby to my home who goes vroom vroom instead of crying. Now, I can have a peaceful night’s sleep.
  6. My car and I need fuel to work properly, except that my fuel is coffee.
  7. Meet my newest family member who visits all the places with me without complaining. She even poses with me for as long as I want without getting tired. You are my bestie-my new car.
  8. Am I driving or gliding on butter? The ride on my new car makes me wonder in such a way. Want to experience the same feeling? Ride with me.
  9. Bye-bye, cabs. My new car is here to drive me everywhere.
  10. Permission is denied for dirt and dust in my new car.
  11. A secret deal with my car- create no problems, and I won’t take you to your doctor (mechanic).
  12. My car makes heads turn. Are you one among them?
  13. Pleading with my beauty to not go to her favorite restaurant (gas station) frequently.
  14. Introducing the love of my life – my new car.
  15. Love you to the moon and back.
  16. Bye-bye mobile. Someone has captured my heart now – my car.
  17. My new car will never ditch me for others.
  18. I don’t have wings for flying. But my new car makes me feel as though I am flying while driving it.
  19. My new car is so quiet that, at times I feel I am sitting in a secluded place than in my car.
  20. I finally found an equal competitor, my car. 

Car Captions for Instagram While Posing With It

The happiness of posing alongside your new car knows no bounds. Below are a few captions to match your mood.

  1. Taking my baby for a ride. Fingers crossed.
  2. My only competitor is this beauty with four wheels.
  3. Holidays have turned exciting after the arrival of my four-wheeled beast.
  4. Driving to my heart’s content with my new car.
  5. My car, my stress buster.
  6. My favorite music is the revving of my car’s engine.
  7. All set to go in my new car.
  8. Falling in love with the smell of my new car.
  9. Shifting to drive mode.
  10. It was love at first sight with her (my new car).
  11. Falling for my beast again and again.
  12. Reliving the moment I took her home.
  13. Pinching myself wondering if you are a dream. Ouch! It hurts. You are for real my new beast.
  14. Words are not enough to express my love for this beauty in my garage.
  15. She is not just a car. She is my everything.
vintage car

Classic Car Captions for Instagram 

If you are a fan of vintage cars, you can own one too. Here are some car captions for these classic cars.

  1. Revisiting the past.
  2. Reviving old memories 
  3. Bringing back the past to the present. 
  4. Old is gold.
  5. Precious things are never forgotten.
  6. A blast from the past.

Luxury Car Captions for Instagram

Do you own a luxurious car and are in need of captions? You can check out some of them below.

  1. Turning dreams into reality. 
  2. Riding in style.
  3. Smoothest ride ever.
  4. Experience heaven in my car.
  5. Luxury is in the details.
  6. Time to celebrate! My luxury has arrived.
  7. My first pampered beauty is here.

Sports Car Captions for Instagram 

Sports car lovers, here are some of the best captions for you.

  1. Life is too short to drive normal cars.
  2. More than listening to the sound of a sports car, driving one is what gives you immense joy.
  3. Need for speed.
  4. Born to race.
  5. Feel the thrill.
  6. Life is a race, win it with flying colors by taking this beast.
  7. Adventure awaits you.
  8. Adrenaline-pumping drives with this beast.
  9. Enter the highway with this fiery beast and make others envy you.
  10. Race past everyone.
  11. When nothing goes right, go left.

Motivational Car Captions for Instagram 

Here are some motivational car captions for you to try.

  1. In life, you have to keep going and seek the help of your new car to do that.
  2. Not all roads are smooth, but your new car will make your journey memorable.
  3. Your new car is not simply a valuable one you have purchased, but it is the result of your hard work and sincere efforts.
  4. Your new car is similar to a blank page. You are the one who can make it beautiful by painting it with colorful memories.
  5. When you are undergoing a rough phase in life, remind yourself of what you have achieved by looking at your new car. 
  6. Your new car is the latest addition to your family. 

Wrapping Up 

It is hard to contain your excitement when you buy something new. So, when you are ready to drop the bomb on Instagram or any social media, remember to add captivating captions alongside your post. This will not only make your followers notice your post but also fall in love with your captions.

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