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Zero Trust – Essential IT Security for Your Business

Cybersecurity is rarely far from the news. Every so often, cybersecurity makes the news headlines. Hacking is used to blackmail and or steal funds, and it is also used as a malicious political tool. As such, it is important that your IT department keeps up to date with cybersecurity trends and defences, or you commission a specialist vendor to do it for you.

One security measure that may be deployed to sure up your IT security is Zero Trust. Let’s take a deep dive into what it is and why you need it.

Zero Trust

In essence, Zero Trust adopts the principle of ‘don’t trust anyone and deploys this philosophy into your IT infrastructure. The concept is simply not to trust any device or person unless verified. This ‘don’t trust anyone’ concept is used both inside and outside a defined perimeter. The security model takes the position that any device or person inside the network is secure.

Given that many businesses utilize the cloud, hacking has arguably become easier as a result. Microsoft Azure ad features offers many solutions to prevent cybersecurity attacks, and many specialist companies now use Azure to repel and prevent IT security damage.

Perhaps more importantly, using solutions such as Azure represents a whole new approach to security.

Let’s take a look into the benefits of using Zero Trust.

Benefits of Zero Trust Security

1 Protecting Sensitive Business Data and Brand Reputation

In our digital age, it is important to protect sensitive business data whether it is a blueprint to a new in-development product to customer credit card information. A data breach can cost a company in the region of billions. If you consider that in the UK and Europe new data breach regulations were introduced a few years ago, with fines that could reach in the millions and possible imprisonment, you start to get the picture that data protection is of paramount importance.

And yet even more important is brand reputation. If you look at various cryptocurrencies, a data breach can see the value of coins, tokens drop significantly should a data breach occur.

2 Outstanding Levels of Visibility

The Zero Trust approach takes a guilty until proven otherwise stance. Verification for staff and devices are strict and gives complete visibility on data, personnel and who has access to each and every resource.

This flags suspicious behavior and activity allowing teams to deploy measures when they feel they have to. It is sophisticated stuff.

3 Securing Remote Working

With more and more personnel working from home or at least remotely, the vulnerabilities in IT infrastructure have increased. Zero Trust identifies who is part of the perimeter by device and applications trying to gain access to a system. The only ones it can verify are granted access.

This lessens the dependence on firewalls which are not the most robust security measure in the world.

With hacker sophistication increasing all the time, properly implemented solutions like Zero Trust will keep your business secure and reputation intact. It is a solution that you and your IT teams should check out.

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