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Why Your Small Business Needs to Focus on Location-Based Advertising

Why Your Small Business Needs to Focus on Location-Based Advertising

When it comes to advertising for small businesses, they have a few unique challenges before them. Sure, they need to appeal to new customers and build customer loyalty, but often budget is a very big concern. A small business just doesn’t have the kind of available cash to spend on marketing and advertising that a large corporation has. What this means is that small businesses need to be very precise and targeted in their advertising approach, making sure they get the most value for their money.

This brings us to location-based advertising, which isn’t a new concept but is one that your business may not be taking full advantage of. If you haven’t yet entertained the idea of location-based advertising, here are a number of reasons why it’s worth looking into.

What is Location-Based Advertising?

For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, location-based advertising is a hyper-local targeted message that you get across to potential customers at the exact right time. In terms of how it works, you can look at your smartphone for that answer. A whopping 64% of adults here in the United States own a GPS-enabled smartphone, and location-based advertising uses that technology in order to deliver those targeted ads at the right time.

Take Advantage of Social Networks

Along with the fact that so many people have smartphones, a large number of those also have at least one social network that they use, with Facebook being one of the most popular. Location-based advertising actually gives businesses a way to take advantage of these networks and deliver ads that make sense to that particular user. 

Location-based advertising on Facebook is something that relies on GPS coordinates and creates a geo-fence around a particular area in order to deliver those targeted messages. As for the location, that is set based on the target audience, the goal of the ad campaign, and business/advertiser.

You Appeal to Those Most Likely to Be Interested in Your Product or Service

Because this is a “hyper-targeted” approach, you will be appealing to people who the most likely to want your product or service. It won’t come off as spam, and the ad is more likely to get attention. In other words, you aren’t wasting your time with your efforts.

Start Getting Better Response Rates

How many times have you launched an advertising campaign only to get little to no response? All that time and energy is wasted, and you’re back to step one. With location-based advertising, the engagement and response rates tend to be higher since you are providing catered content.

Attract a Larger Volume of Customers

Then there is the fact that this style of advertising allows you to reach a bigger group of customers when they are the most likely to act on that ad.

Well Worth Investigating Further

At the very least, location-based advertising is something any small business should be looking into further. Even if you decide to just give it a go for a short time, often, the results end up winning you over.

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