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Why Collaboration & File Sharing Solutions Are Vital For Enterprises

Why Collaboration & File Sharing Solutions Are Vital For Enterprises

Teamwork is vital to keep organizations up and running, whether they are small businesses or big enterprises. Seamless collaboration and data sharing make the backbone of success of teams. File sharing is of vital significance in this context because the employees need to have access to relevant data to deliver high productivity and efficiency.

Traditionally, sharing files was risky, costly and time-consuming. However, the advancement in modern technology has changed things altogether as innovative online collaboration platforms make things simpler than ever. With these cloud-based file sharing solutions in place, you need only a few clicks and things are done. Here are some reasons why these collaboration and file sharing solutions are vital for enterprises.

Seamless collaboration

The most significant benefit of online file storage solution is that it streamlines collaboration between large teams. It lets users share files instantly and access information quickly, while avoiding unnecessary delays. Additionally, they can work from anywhere, even from remote locations.

Considering the current COVID 19 crisis when a majority of businesses have been forced to switch to remote working, these solutions emerge as a smart investment. Enterprises can leverage them to make their teams work from home and still give their best by accessing all the files and information without being physically present at the office. Further, it is possible to restrict access to some files so that specific employees can only view them but not edit or print. 

Extensive cost savings 

Another reason why enterprises must absolutely invest in cloud-based file sharing solutions is that they bring extensive cost savings in the long run. Online file sharing and storage are a smarter alternative to the conventional data storage infrastructure. This approach cuts down space requirements and reduces administrative costs as well.

Further, they reduce the burden of storing and maintaining paper-based files while the logistics are simplified as well. The entire process becomes eco-friendly and cost-effective too. This gives enterprises an opportunity to focus their investment at the right places that will boost efficiency and productivity.

Unmatched security

Security matters more than anything else for enterprises, particularly when it comes to the confidential data and information it holds in the files. With a reliable file sharing solution place, security does not remain a concern because it is capable of minimizing any security loopholes that exist within an organization.

Most importantly, secure file sharing with permissions is a clear advantage for large enterprises that have huge teams with people working at different hierarchical levels. Moreover, the entire files of the company are stored in a single location and this reduces the chances of leakage to a considerable extent. Even if some files get deleted accidently, it is possible to restore them. At the same time, the business can also remotely wipe data from a lost device.

Better management 

Online file sharing and collaboration solutions empower the managers and makes it easier for them to manage projects. They have complete control and visibility that is required for managing teams and projects effectively. Since all the enterprise files are stored at one location, managers are in a position to easily track the activity of every single team member (in terms of changes they make on the files) and monitor the team’s progress as a whole.

Instant communication is another advantage they get. Better communication drives consistency in employee performance and enables them to meet deadlines, even while they work remotely. Obviously, consistency and adherence to deadlines increase the chances of success of projects and boost client satisfaction as well.

Elimination of audit hassles

Besides team collaboration and communication, auditing is another challenge for managers in large-scale enterprises. It can be a cumbersome task for them because they need to search, collect and manage loads of documents at the audit time. However, the hassle is significantly eliminated with online file storage and sharing in place because there is a trail of every single document in the system. What’s more, accessing them is straightforward as all the files are stored in a single location. Apart from these benefits, the platform ensures compliance to GDPR and HIPAA, which is essential for the enterprise-grade businesses. 

Considering these myriad benefits of collaboration and file sharing solutions, they definitely make a worthwhile investment for enterprises. They are recommended for both large and small enterprises as they make large businesses better and level the playing field for the smaller ones. If you are yet to embrace such a solution for your business, you must do it right now to empower your teams and move ahead in the competitive landscape. 

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