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6 Useful Photography Hacks That Will Make Your Work Easier

Have you ever wondered when you stare at a photograph and feel amazed by how impossible it looks? Sometimes you even ask if these photoshops? Well, that’s not always the case.

You don’t have to spend so much on high-end photography equipment, to take incredible photos. Just by incorporating simple photography DIY, hacking, and tricks, you can take mind-blowing shots yourself. 

Basic Things To Know To Make Your Photography Work Far Easier.

Do you know? It’s very possible to create effects without photoshopping or lightroom. Photography experts at you can use a magnifying glass for macro photography and this item can be easily found in stores. The best photography hack you can do is by using inexpensive items to create nice and neat edges. But you should know bad tricks can ruin your cameras – Sony Nikon, etc. Be careful when modifying your gear. 

More so some harmful photography tips suggest you apply lipstick, glue stick water, etc. to the front of the camera lens – doing this can ruin the coatings and wreck the lens.

Finally, don’t support your camera with a DIY rig, you can easily drop a gear, be smart: keep items off your lens and always make sure your camera is very secure and avoid any hacks that may affect your warranty.

Those being said, here are a few easy ways you can easily get useful photography hacks that will make your work easier; 

1. You can create your lightbox. 

This photography hack involves two simple items: paper and tape. Tape the paper to a window, place your subject in front of the paper, and turn on your camera, set it to AV mode – aperture to f/8. Then set the ISO to 100 – then go to the exposure compensation settings and dial +1 check your focus then shoot.

2. Make A Custom Bokeh Shape.

For this hack, you’ll need a DSLR camera, a lens with of course a large aperture, and most importantly you’ve got to know about book photography.

Here are things you need for this hack;

A piece of black paper, a pair of black scissors, pencil, craft knife – for making shapes, duct tape. Then make a round tube that fits your lens, connect it, and on the other end of the tube attach the paper you cut. Then use a low aperture setting and shoot in manual focus mode in the direction of your light.

3. Make Your Photos Look Hazy With A Sandwich Bag.

Your sandwich bag can be used for a great photography hack. Add a sandwich bag to your lens and make sure part of it is obstructing the lens view.

4. Soft-Focus lens effect.

Make a large plastic elastic band, and baseline, and put some Vaseline on your clear plastic paper, then shoot. If you’re using gauze, cut the fabric with scissors in the center, then attach it to your camera lens with an elastic band. Once you attach your gaze make sure you put loose ends on the fabric over the lens – this, in turn, gives you a soft-focus lens.

5. Make an exciting shadow effect with a tea strainer. 

This hack is perfect if you plan on using natural light through a window or small opening. To ensure the light is strong enough and the subject is close to the strainer, when properly arranged you can get strong shadows that cast a beautiful pattern that highlights depth.

6. Make A Flash Diffuser Yourself.

When doing this you’ll need a camera with a pop-up flash, ruler, white container, and a sharp blade. Furthermore, use a ruler to measure the thickness of the pop-up flash. Then cut a piece from the film container, so it can match the thickness – you need to do this, so you can easily insert the film. Container into the pop-up. Flash. Once all is done, you can take a photo.

You can even hack your phone camera to take macro photos; you can use your phone camera to photograph great close-up photos, but you’ll need to do this thing to photograph a test photo of your phone; find some old laser pointer Inside the pointer, there is a focusing lens.

You can remove it for later use, use a hairpin to hold the lens, attach it to your phone’s camera using tape, and take a picture.

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