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Top SEPs You Should Try In 2021

With fierce competition and an unstable economy, it is becoming increasingly difficult to succeed in sales. CSO Insights-Accenture study shows that 93% of businesses make fewer deals than they expected.

Since a modern CRM works as a data source, a single place for storing info of sales relationships, it isn’t really a competitive advantage, businesses are looking for more advanced sales engagement tools that will be able to assist them effectively connect brand and audiences, open new frontiers for communication, and simplify the process of moving prospects down the sales funnel.

In this case, the sales engagement platforms may come in handy: this is an essential element of the entire sales team operations cycle, which has a powerful impact on the efficiency of your sales team and customer journey, optimizing every touchpoint.

Now, we’ll spot some of the best sales engagement platforms you can use, including guided selling solutions.

  1. What is a sales engagement platform?

SEP is an easy-to-use service that can be integrated into CRMs and other systems, which allows sales teams to build high-quality and efficient interactions both with prospects and customers.

The point is this: SEP amplifies all business workflows across the different sales tools like CRMs, phone, inbox, CMS, and so on, making you faster and more productive.

1.1. Revenue Grid

  • Free trial: yes, 30 days
  • Free plan: no
  • Pricing: on demand
  • Integrations: SalesForce, Gmail, GoToMeeting, Zoom, Oracle’s Siebel and Sales Sound, SAP’s Jam and Hybrid Cloud, Workbooks, еtс.

Revenue Grid is a state-of-the-art revenue acceleration platform that seamlessly integrates with Salesforce and contains the fullest suite of customer engagement tools to drive your sales team to revenue.

Unlike many other platforms, Revenue Grid fully integrates with CRM and multiple communication channels, allowing you to connect customer teams with a single sales approach.

Here are some the unique features of Revenue Grid:

  • a set of features that cover the entire transaction cycle, from SDR to CRO;
  • a software, that is designed for Enterprise scenarios;
  • competitive pricing;
  • free implementation support;
  • customer support that never lets you down;
  • cloud, private cloud, on-prem hosting.

Of the Revenue Grid products, RevenueGuide, is of particular interest to sales reps, as it helps them to control their sales funnel and actions by showing real-time signals of which actions are yielding the best results, which deals are at risk, and what steps to take.

This Guided Selling solution unites everyone in your team towards one goal — sell consistently and avoid mistakes.

1.2. ClearSlide

  • Free trial: yes, 30 days
  • Free plan: no
  • Pricing: starting from $35/month/user
  • Integrations: SalesForce, Gmail,, iCloud.

ClearSlide is a sales engagement platform that combines content, communications, and efficient insights to improve results, allowing to better interact with customers and track the effectiveness of communication using big data tools.

What sets ClearSlide apart from similar services is that it is not just a CRM system, but a full-fledged interactive platform that uses big data analytics.

The ClearSlide platform includes a wide range of tools to increase the performance of your sales team and analyze customer relationships. For instance, one of the key elements of ClearSlide is an application for analyzing the content with which customers interact. 

The platform allows you to determine which content attracts more attention and customize it to the needs of specific customers. ClearSlide also analyzes the effectiveness of mailing lists and personal letters to customers.

Also, ClearSlide effectively uses mobile technologies and a service that allows you to quickly share the screen with your colleagues or customers.

The main features of ClearSlide are the following:

  • analysis of customer behavior;
  • tracking interaction with content, emails, and presentations;
  • organizing content with Custom Pages, tags, and more;
  • conducting more effective web conferencing;
  • detailed reporting.

1.3. Yesware

  • Free trial: yes, 28 days
  • Free plan: no
  • Pricing: starting from $12.00/month/user
  • Integrations: SalesForce, LinkedIn, Docsend, Clari, Zoom.

Yesware is a one-stop sales tool that takes the hassle out of email by showing you when and how often recipients open your emails.

With Yesware, you can easily track emails/presentations, build templates, log calls to CRM, and many more — right from your inbox.

Some of the most interesting Yesware features are:

  • tracking email status;
  • scheduled “send later” emails;
  • Salesforce Task Management;
  • multi-stage mail merge;
  • Meeting Scheduler;
  • synchronization with CRM;
  • multi-channel advertising campaigns and communication;
  • responses reports;
  • inbox panel;
  • email preview tool;
  • social selling.

1.4. Saleshandy

  • Free trial: yes, 14 days
  • Free plan: yes
  • Pricing: from $9 to $50/month
  • Integrations:, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Hyperise.

SalesHandy is a sales engagement platform, suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, that will help sales managers reduce the time to close a deal, increase speed and automate sales cycles, thereby increasing the bottom line.

It provides email tracking, merging, document tracking, email scheduling, gathering behavioral data from mail communications to derive insights from it. This allows the user to send bulk personalized emails using mail merge from Gmail or their own SMTP servers. SalesHandy is the only free email tracking tool that has no limits.

SalesHandy’s main features:

  • extended group permissions;
  • file attachments and analytics;
  • customized email templates;
  • personalized merge campaigns;
  • automated tracking;
  • command panels;
  • enhanced security.

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