Thursday, June 13

Things to Do Before Hiring an Audiovisual Supplier

When choosing a suitable audiovisual company for your event, you need to think about many things. Most of those things depend on how big the event is, the availability of the supplier, and others. AV Hire companies to provide audiovisual and events equipment such as webcasting, media servers, and lighting. They also offer LED displays, widescreen projection, and other equipment needed for staging events.

Since there are too many things to look into, here’s a list that can make your search less daunting. This list may also help you find the right audiovisual supplier for your event.

1. Discuss details

Right away, discuss the specifics and details of your event. Listen closely to ensure that everything is covered, such as how many visitors will be attending, what kind of event it will be, and many more. It is also essential to ask when they can visit the venue for setups and how long they will be at the venue. Asking these things will allow the audiovisual supplier to determine how many staff will be required to get everything ready before the event.

2. Ask the services they offer

Aside from rentals, ask your audiovisual supplier about the other services they offer. Many companies will want to close the deal with you. For this reason, it’s best to ask for the things they also provide to decide whether or not they are ideal to work with.

Several organizations will undoubtedly want to close the sale with you, and one criterion you can use to compare them is the additional services and help they can give on the day of the event. If you are hosting a wedding, ask if they have an MC. Determine if they have a podium or extra microphone that you can borrow.

3. What makes their offer special?

Before getting into a contract, ensure that it is solid and foolproof. Examine all the details of the contract to ensure that everything you agreed to is included and that there are no loopholes that will result in you receiving the short end of the bargain.

It all comes down to details and how you can provide more with less. Planning a spectacular event is not the priority but more about ensuring that everything is appropriate and well-organized for your clients’ needs.

Also, you should not be hesitant to delegate some of the specifics to the audiovisual team. This way, you will have a better sense of the things the AV supplier can and can’t do.

4. Ask about their experience 

Determine the level of experience of the audiovisual provider before getting into a deal. It is also essential to ask how many people are there in the team and the company’s structure. You can also check the company’s website for testimonials and the previous images of their projects. Doing so will allow you to understand the company’s standard work.


In closing, organizing an event can be dreadful. So, it’s best to put more time and effort into finding the right people for the job.

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