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The Benefits of Expanding Your Business to the Netherlands

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There are many benefits to expanding your business to the Netherlands. Below, we’ll look at a few of the big reasons why your company will boost sales and revenue, increase brand awareness, and improve standards by opening a branch or presence in the Netherlands and the EU. Of course, there are a few different considerations to take into account before you do so, one of which is the importance of understanding the regulations surrounding GDPR and data privacy and security, even though the UK has left the EU as a Member State.

Outsourcing your DPO

Uitbesteden functionaris gegevensbescherming’, or ‘outsourced data protection officer’, is the term you should be looking for when expanding your business in the Netherlands. It is so vital to your operations that you have boots on the ground and a native presence in the Netherlands to represent you in certain capacities. Understanding the nuances of Dutch Law and the ways in which EU GDPR should be conducted when opening a business there, is the solid foundation you need to grow from as a company.

The benefits of expanding into the Netherlands

A large number of businesses are looking at expanding into the Netherlands at any given time. As the 6th largest economy in Europe, it has a lot to offer in terms of pro-business laws and a huge market for potential customers. It is also ideally placed to trade with the world. Let’s look at a few of the specific benefits.

1.     A great location – The Netherlands is perfectly located to take advantage of its EU Membership, close proximity to the UK, and access to both the North and South of Europe, alongside excellent international transport links to the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and North America. It is an important trading hub, making it an enticing prospect for a business looking to expand into a new territory.

2.     Strong foundation of thriving cities – there are well-developed cities and towns in the Netherlands that are ready to go in terms of providing a good marketplace for your business. Amsterdam is the largest with a population of around 900,000 people, whilst Rotterdam, The Hague, Eindhoven, and Utrecht are all within relatively close proximity to one another and offer great diversity and trade potential.

3.     Favourable tax system – the Dutch government has made the country attractive to foreign businesses through a series of tax incentives. These include a 30% personal income tax advantage for skilled foreign workers, bilateral tax treaties to avoid double taxation on foreign businesses that have expanded into the Netherlands, and a transparency about tax consequences for foreign investment into the country.

4.     A skilled employee market – Dutch people are generally highly skilled, qualified, and have excellent language skills. For a country that is in a great location for international trade, you’ll find that over 90% of Dutch people speak English, as well as high proportions of French and German speakers, amongst other languages.

5.     Good migrant Visas – in terms of the potential workforce, there is access to easy migrant visas in the Netherlands. Thousands of people arrive in the country to work each year, adding to the potential workforce at your disposal. It also makes it much easier as a foreign business to bring key staff with you as you expand.

6.     Fantastic infrastructure – the infrastructure in the Netherlands is one of the best anywhere in the world. The airports, rail and road networks, waterways, and ports are second to none. What this means is that for trade and for general everyday living, it is a country that is incredibly easy to get around. Within the cities you’ll find easy to use, extensive cycling networks too.

As you can see, the Netherlands is a progressive, open country that welcomes foreign businesses that are looking to expand into the country. As long as you understand the different expectations and responsibilities you have as a business owner and build a strong foundation, you have a good opportunity for success in a country like the Netherlands.

Finding a suitable DPO for your business expansion into the Netherlands is a crucial part of the puzzle. A Dutch speaker who will represent your interests and ensure that your company adheres to EU GDPR and the nuances of Dutch Law that you may not be aware of, will help your business to settle quickly and to build a strong foundation from which to grow. There are a few good reasons why your business should consider expanding to the Netherlands, but you need to do it correctly if you do venture into a new country and market. Always ensure you have the right professionals in place, at every stage, and in every department, to ensure a smooth transition as you grow.

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