Tuesday, July 23

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<strong>The Benefits of Expanding Your Business to the Netherlands</strong>

The Benefits of Expanding Your Business to the Netherlands

There are many benefits to expanding your business to the Netherlands. Below, we’ll look at a few of the big reasons why your company will boost sales and revenue, increase brand awareness, and improve standards by opening a branch or presence in the Netherlands and the EU. Of course, there are a few different considerations to take into account before you do so, one of which is the importance of understanding the regulations surrounding GDPR and data privacy and security, even though the UK has left the EU as a Member State. Outsourcing your DPO ‘Uitbesteden functionaris gegevensbescherming’, or ‘outsourced data protection officer’, is the term you should be looking for when expanding your business in the Netherlands. It is so vital to your operations that you have boots on the...