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T-shirt Printing Business: How You Can Make Money Today

Fashion, in its true sense, is fickle. It’s ever-changing into something better than before- more appealing. Despite this, one trend has managed to stand the test of time and doesn’t show any indication of going away any time soon- t-shirt printing.

The trend of customized t-shirts stems from a discerning shopper, seeking to be unique and close to his/her identity. With the right t-shirt printing equipment, a bit of time, passion, and dedication, you could open up a successful venture for yourself.

Global Statistics

According to Epson, the future of fashion is all about customization. More artisans are jumping on the bandwagon because it is not difficult to find the necessary machines and other equipment needed to create custom tees. Reputable online retailers like EcoFreen make these items accessible and even provide users with the information they need to be experts in the craft.

A great option to consider if you’re thinking of entering the industry is an Epson direct to garment printer, known for its innovative technology and enhanced print quality.

A recent report by Credence Research claimed that the custom t-shirt printing market is projected to cross the $10 billion by 2025. In the same report, Asia Pacific emerged as the largest market- both in terms of revenue and overall t-shirt printing market.

What This Means To You

As an entrepreneur looking for a new money “printing” venture, there’s plenty of potential and promise in t-shirt printing according to bella canvas wholesale. In this article, you will learn the process through which you can lay the first brick to your empire.

  1. Assuming you’ve already purchased the necessary inventory and t-shirt printing equipment, it’s time to launch an online store. To do this, there are several platforms you can take advantage of, including Tee springs, PrintShop, Bonfire, SellMyTees, and CafePress.
  2. Social media doesn’t just offer a means of keeping in touch with our friends and loved ones. You can tap its power for your business and build brand awareness. Register for an account on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to reach your targeted audience.
  3. To showcase your product, you could take a few pictures of your friends and family while wearing your t-shirts. Additionally, you may take photos of people at events and parties wearing your tees.
  4. To attract potential clients, consider offering discounts on bulk orders. This will encourage the placement of large orders. Huge orders decrease your production cost and increase your profits while reducing fees on the customer’s end.
  5. Apart from marketing yourself via social media, get in touch with education centers like schools, colleges, and universities. They are a gold mine- with all their groups and clubs. Give a few free samples for marketing purposes.
  6. As intimidating as the next step may seem, fortune favors the bold- so be fierce. Seek a partnership with an established accessory designer to reach more customers. Your profits may dwindle in the beginning but will improve in the long run.
  7. You can make a ton of money during the election period. Political parties and candidates typically place large orders of custom printed t-shirts used in campaigns and fundraising events. You may be granted permission to sell your work during these events as a bonus.
  8. Boutiques are a great place to sell you customized tees. Look around your area and arrange a meeting with their owners. During the meeting, ask if they can feature your product in their store. Ensure to leave them a price list, samples, and photos of any future designs.
  9. Are there any minor league teams within your area? If they exist, market your t-shirts and printing skills to them as well. Some of these teams tend to distribute thousands of their custom t-shirts to their fans. This is meant to help promote the team within the community.
  10. Corporate institutions offer lucrative printing deals. With most spending millions each year. Are there any banks, lending institutions, investment firms near you? Approach them with your samples.

Before the meet, please do your research on their current supplier to understand the competition better.

  1. Last but not least are the local music bands and groups. They offer not only a lucrative market but a means of marketing. Most artists command a huge influence over their followers. Simply wearing your t-shirt may lead to a tidal wave of new business.

To wrap things up, please note that, like with any other business, your custom t-shirt printing venture will require you to be adequately prepared. This means you can’t simply wake up and open shop the same day.

Sure, you could opt to do this- but chances are you won’t go past the first year. It would be best if you came up with a detailed business plan. 

Being your own boss comes with lots of perks; at the same time, you will work harder than ever before. But in the end, it’s all worth it.

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