Monday, July 22

5 Key Partners to a Successful Bridal Consultant

You have taken the leap and set up your Bridal Consultant business. You love to plan parties and weddings offer you the most exciting parties to plan. Brides want their special day to be perfect though, and the pressure is on.

Build a team of consultants or employees, depending on your business structure. For your bridal consultant business to be successful, you need to have a top-notch team behind you. Here are some of the most important team members to have;

Wedding Photographer

The wedding photographer captures the day. They capture the excitement, romance, and glamor of the wedding. They should be talented and trustworthy. The photographer can assist you in securing more contracts because locating such a person can feel like unicorn hunting for many brides.


Secure the service and become close to a quality seamstress. There are always many things that can go wrong on the wedding day. The bridal consultant that is able to fix a dress on the wedding in an emergency will become well known. People want to hire competent and capable consultants. Having a good reputation will go a long way.


Whether it is for the bridal bouquet or the table centerpieces, flowers make the wedding elegant. Every bridal consultant needs to have a reliable and high-quality florist. They need to consult with the bride on the best flower selection, and deliver fresh flowers on the day!

Baker and Caterer

If the bride and groom are planning to have the traditional or non-traditional cake doesn’t matter. They need to have a cake that will have their guests coming back for more. There is nothing better than a delicious cake at a party!


With the venue and food taken care of, the bride and groom need to get around. A great bridal consultant will have relationships with a transportation company that can offer a variety of transportation solutions. Perhaps the couple is looking for a horse-drawn carriage to whisk the newlyweds away?

A successful bridal consultant will help the bride and groom create the day of their dreams. They will call on all their resources to make all the pans run smoothly and create a party for all the guests to remember. A wedding happens but just once a lifetime, you get to make it the most memorable day of the married couples lives!

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