Thursday, June 13

Innovative Ways of Product Presentation: Boost Your E-Business

Ah! The life of an e-business professional looking so desperately to scale up!

You’ve got no doubt that your product is the best thing to hit your industry; if only people could see it as you do! And as we all know too well, how you present your product is one of the most essential factors of winning in business.

You’ve got to present your product in a jaw-dropping manner. Case closed.

And when all is said and done, you want your audience to be so inspired, they click on the ‘purchase’ icon on your screen and get that dream product from your e-commerce store. The sheer magic of this all is quite enthralling! It is the ultimate experience, which leaves you grinning in deep satisfaction.

Here are 3 innovative ways of presenting your product to boost your e-business:

Using Your Product, Tell an Intriguing Story

Make the story so intriguing, it finds its way into the minds of potential clients, seeping as far as into their dreams at night.

Truth is, the human brain knows not the difference between a properly weaved story and reality- which is why we jump in horror at a tale properly told on screen, even when we know how unreal it is (Jeez, you’re safe. But does your brain know it?)

It’s not about the facts- it’s about the story that inspired those facts. More than drab specifics, stories entertain. Knowing this, you can carefully weave a story around your brand, such that a potential client is sold on the tale and as such, is sold on your brand and product. Simple.

Visual Imagery is King

What e-commerce store is ignorant of the importance of visuals? That store is guaranteed to go into extinction very soon. Visual imagery is such an essential part of your product presentation because it helps emphasize your points without saying much. It connects with your clientele at a much basal level, and that’s why you can’t afford to show your products in a shadowy visual context.

With the use of ThreeKit Visual Product Configuration, for example, you can create top-notch visual imagery for your products, and watch as clients gobble it all up.

Using visual animations can also be a creative, unconventional way of presenting your products in grand style.

Dope Alignment: Paying Attention to the Details

When designing your products, your aim is to persuade clients to patronize you, not for them to get distracted or disengaged by the images before them. This is why alignment of your visual product presentation is key. You simply cannot afford for anything to be a mess! Sloppy work impresses no one.

As little and unimportant as this might sound, you’d be surprised to find that lots of products on E-commerce stores don’t abide by this simple yet crucial rule of alignment. Are the borders of the product well adjusted? For the critical client who is unable to walk into your store and hold the object of attraction in his or her hands, you must be careful to present the best possible images, in the right orientations and views, so as to impress potential clients and convert them into paying consumers of your brand, which I assume is the aim of displaying your products online.

Final Thoughts

If you have been struggling with online sales on your e-commerce store or website, the changes to be made don’t necessarily need to be drastic: telling a story, visual imagery and proper alignment aren’t such difficult things to do, but don’t underestimate their massive impacts on your brand!

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