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Body and Mind Harmony as The Most Important Professional Trait

Human nature is such that we begin to think about our health only when some of the vital signs fail. We begin to think about the fact that we need help at the mental level only when we, again and again, react to certain incentives in a way that is harmful to us. We stop only when we realize that we no longer have the strength to run on.

A few weeks ago, the world lived in a rhythm of madness, and it is not surprising that most people on earth did not have the opportunity to stop and ask themselves some conscious questions. Do I love myself? Do I like living in my body? Why am I running and what am I doing for myself?

The global lockdown has given the world new opportunities for thought. Therefore, in this article, we propose to talk about the harmony of soul and body as the main guarantee of a quality life – regardless of the amount of money, position in society, and waist size.

Two-Sided Human Essence

Human is a simple and complex creature at the same time. Nature has created a whole complex of systems and organs to support our livelihoods and at the same time endowed us with the ability to think and experience emotions. These are two sides of the human essence that are directly dependent on each other.

Our body is the outer shell. This is what we exist in every day. The health of our outer shell determines one of the aspects of the quality of our life – the objective side. That is, indicators of our health objectively indicate our physical condition.

However, there is another subjective side. These are our thoughts, this is what we think about ourselves and about our life. That is, from the point of view of our mental, spiritual shell, our perception of ourselves and our reality becomes subjective.

The harmony of soul and body begins when our objective and subjective perceptions of ourselves coincide.

The Direct Relationship Between Body and Soul

In fact, the connection between the physical and the spiritual is so strong that we can change each of the states, both for better and for worse. An example of the deliberate deterioration of our physical health through our mental shell is when we think about the bad, attract negative, project various diseases on ourselves.

However, a reverse effect is also possible. For example, the history of medicine knows cases when people were cured of cancer with the help of positive thinking, visualizing the picture of the disappearance of cancer cells, awareness, and meditation.

How the Lack of Harmony of the Soul and Body Provokes Eating Disorders

In fact, eating disorders are completely not about food. This is about our attitude to our body, to what nourishes and supports its vitality. As soon as the harmony between our physical and mental shell is broken, eating disorders can also occur – as one of the consequences.

Let’s look at the underlying cause of eating disorders. The most common is dissatisfaction with one’s body, usually caused by supposedly overweight or a visual discrepancy with modern beauty and fashion trends. By themselves, trends do not carry anything dangerous, but only if a person maintains internal and external harmony and is able to perceive himself separately from popular standards. This ability lies in self-love and in accepting the fact that nothing ideal exists.

But as soon as a perfectionist dissatisfied with himself decides that he needs to be like “this celebrity from Instagram”, it becomes a dangerous road. A mental violation is evident – the desire to be like someone is the first signal of a lack of love for oneself.

As you can see, eating disorders begin in the head – on a mental level. And fortunately, they can be defeated at this level as well. Yes, most likely it will be a long journey to acceptance. And the first thing you need to do is to understand the deep essence of harmony between body and soul, physical indicators and thoughts, appearance, and ability to be satisfied – both physically and mentally.

Harmony of Body and Mind – What Does It Mean?

This is a condition when you are satisfied with your body, and your thoughts have positive energy. A person who is in harmony with the soul and body perceives himself as a whole and directs positive changes at the mental level to improve his physical condition. Moreover, the state of this harmony implies unconditional love for oneself and acceptance of oneself in the image and likeness that was created by nature.

This means giving up the pursuit of trends and 90-60-90 standards, and recognition of the priority of internal beauty over external. This means giving up perfectionism and accepting the fact that everyone is worthy of love, regardless of his or her external characteristics.

How to Achieve This State

The harmony of body and soul cannot be achieved in one day. This is daily work on oneself and a rethinking of one’s values, opinions, and attitudes. However, here are a few things you can start practicing today.

Love Your Body

It’s easy to say, but hard to do. Love for yourself and your body draws itself from childhood – from parental love. There is an opinion that when parents do not love their children, children still do not stop loving their parents – but they stop loving themselves. This is the most difficult case, and here the help of a psychotherapist is definitely needed. But there is a thing that you can do today.

Make a list of what you like about your body. And remember that you do not need to be the specialist at writing service review website Pick the Writer or  Writing Judge – just write everything that comes to your mind. Even beautiful nails shape matters. 

Nourish Your Body With Useful Elements

It is necessary to develop the right attitude to food as a source of health, beneficial elements, and energy. Food is just food, it is not a way to add new emotions, and refusing food is not a way to become better. The harmony of body and soul also means giving up bad habits. If you love your body, you should not stuff it with harmful substances like alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs.

Allow Yourself to Feel Your Emotions

A healthy mental state is when you allow yourself to feel those emotions that you feel, and you can identify them. There is neither bad and good food – nor are there good or bad emotions. Allow yourself to feel the whole spectrum and learn to explain to yourself what you feel and why.

Cut off Negative External Influences

External factors can knock us out of equilibrium. Your task is to determine the most annoying external factors and cut off from your life, if possible. As for those factors that we cannot change (for example, if your child goes through a teenage crisis), here, you need to change your attitude to what is happening, and also find ways to return to a balanced state, not with food or artificial mood-boosters.

Analyze Your Thoughts and Moods

This is especially true in the case of food disorders. In order to achieve harmony of body and soul, as well as get rid of this disorder, you need to learn how to analyze triggers that make you refuse to eat or overeat. And what’s more, you need to find a new way to eliminate the consequences of this trigger – for example, through meditation, and not through food.

Be Grateful to Yourself for the Opportunity to Live in This Body and This Soul

And the last thing you can do is start practicing gratitude. Many people on earth lack a fully functional body or have birth defects. The ability to live, breathe and function is already a huge gift. Think about it from this perspective.


Anna likes writing from her university years. When she graduated from the Interpreters Department, she realized that translation was not so interesting, as writing was. She trains her skills now working as a freelance writer on different topics. Always she does her best in the posts and articles.

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