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How To Get Rid Of Rats In Your Warehouse Facility

A rodent problem is not something anyone would want to face, regardless of where it might be. In the home, office, warehouse or schools, they can be a difficult problem to eradicate, but if you don’t manage to effectively, you will likely encounter huge issues that will only get worse as time goes on.

If at any point you believe you may have a problem with rats or any rodents, you must contact an expert immediately to resolve it. Using a trusted professional such as Smith’s Pest Management will give you the peace of mind to know that your problem is solved correctly and efficiently the first time.

However, in this article, we provide advice and techniques on how to eradicate rats in your warehouse. 

Why do rats cause a problem?

There are many reasons you would want to eradicate rodents from any area that is used by people for the following reasons:

  • They carry disease and bacterial infections which could transmit to your staff making them ill with severe conditions
  • They cause a strong and unpleasant smell of ammonia
  • They can be very noisy with a scrabbling sound
  • Their droppings can be numerous and large causing problems and can be the culprits for transmitting disease as well as the urine
  • They breed very efficiently so your premises will be overrun quickly
  • They cause damage, chewing through cables which could cause expensive issues with power and machinery and can also be a major fire hazard. Rats can also cause lost stock or destroyed equipment as palettes or storage containers are chewed through

What are the first steps to solving the problem of rats in your warehouse?

A professional pest control company such as Smith’s Pest Management will, first of all, conduct a thorough inspection which covers the following areas:

  • Locating where the vermin are entering your property
  • Finding evidence of their existence and examining it (e.g. droppings, gnawing, nests, damage to areas, and so on)
  • Finding out whether you have an infestation of mice or rats
  • Understanding how serious the problem is

Once the pest management company you are working with can understand this, they can begin to formulate a plan to eradicate the problem for you.

Methods to get rid of rats in your warehouse facility

There are a few ways of getting rid of rodent-pests within any type of building or house which will be employed by the company removing your problem. They include:

Rodent Trapping: this involves placing traps suitable for catching the rodent to be targeted in strategic places where they will not cause problems for people or pets but will be exactly where the rodents go to regularly. If there is some work to be done on catching rodents outside of the property, tamper-resistant traps will be used that are safe for wildlife, pets, and children but will still catch the rats in question.

Rodent Repellents: there are a range of natural repellents that will deter rats and mice from visiting certain areas, so if placed in the right spots, could stop them entering your warehouse facility. This could be done in the early stages of an infestation to prevent some of the more serious problems which can occur when more rodents take hold of an area in a nest and so on.

Rodent Baiting: installing bait stations is one of the effective ways of controlling a rat infestation and can work on both interior and exterior areas. The bait used will be lethal to rodents but will not be a risk to other animals such as pets and other wildlife, nor will it be a risk to people. The stations will be placed at key points around the interior and exterior of the property and will be attracted to the bait in order to eat it. Upon consuming it, they will die, and once the problem has been fully cleared, technicians will return to remove the bait stations.

Rodent Exclusion: this is one of the best ways to prevent a rodent problem occurring in the first place so pest control companies would always recommend you implement measures such as patching up holes and sealing any potential entry points. It is also important to manage all garbage to prevent vermin from accessing it and cutting back vegetation, so they have fewer places to hide.

If left untreated, a rodent problem can escalate extensively within a comparatively short space of time. The advice would be to prevent the problem occurring in the first place by excluding their entry to your building, but in the event, you do have an issue, call the professionals in as soon as possible to eliminate it.

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