Wednesday, August 10

How to Create a Seamless Onboarding Experience

Although some may assume that hiring is over after you’ve awarded the job to someone: it’s only just beginning.  Beyond digging through applications and considering interviews, onboarding becomes the next step to ensure that your employees are well trained, know what to expect, and understand what’s expected of them.

These are the most important steps of onboarding to ensure your new employees are perfectly trained for the job.

Make Them Feel Welcome

The first thing you need to do is make them feel welcome and special for getting hired.  If someone starts a job and immediately feels like an afterthought, they aren’t going to put their all into getting trained, and your turnover rate will be high.

Celebrate that they’ve earned their role within the company, and discuss why they were hired.  Many companies give out goodie bags with their brand on a few items to allow the employees to feel like they’ve joined a team.

Inform Them of Their Place In The Company

Let them know where their position in the company will sit.  This is beyond just the literal role their job is, but also what it means for the other workers in the company.

Are they customer support?  Showing them how they do a good job is like a domino effect, and empowers them to understand that every decision matters.

Train Them On What They’ll Do

This is the most intuitive part of onboarding and can often be the only thing employers bother with.  Although it’s a vital step, it’s not the only part.  Still, you must train your employees thoroughly.

Even if their role is to greet customers as they enter a store, ensure that you take the time to discuss many possible eventualities with them.  For instance, if they’re a door greeter, explain what they’ll do if someone tries to steal from the shop or what to do in an emergency.

Make It Clear What Behavior Isn’t Acceptable.

When asking, ‘what is onboarding?’ many people forget that it’s more than just job training.  You also need to train them on what matters when it comes to behaving with their coworkers and interacting with other people.  Take the time to show them what interactions are okay, which are problematic, and which behaviors they should report if they see someone else doing it.

Your company needs to be a respectful place for people to be willing to work there, so keep a firm grasp on what you want your employees to behave like when interacting. 

Show Them Why Your Company Is A Great Place to Work

Whether you’re the CEO or the head of human resources, you understand why your company is an awesome place to work.

Make this clear to the trainees as well.  Tell them about perks, from health care to discounted products, and encourage them to see all of the great reasons they want to work there.  These new employees obviously put in their application for a reason: help them see that they made the right choice.

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