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How Reviews Impact Conversions

How Reviews Impact Conversions

Almost all company owners secretly hate websites specialized in customer reviews. But they are aware of their impact on consumers.

Customer reviews have an incredible power of persuasion. According to one survey, about 88 percent of consumers listen to online feedback in the same way as they listen to personal recommendations, while about 72 percent of respondents admitted that positive feedback on the Web increases their trust in the company.

The only problem is that people are more inclined to share only negative experiences gained from using a product or service than to present their positive experiences. Company executives are particularly familiar with this phenomenon. However, it is very important to build a good reputation for your company online. Besides, it is important to understand how feedback can affect the conversion rate and sales.

How People Perceive Product Reviews

Feedback is a form of social acceptance. On websites like, people can learn how to manage their businesses the way that their reputation only increases and customers leave only positive reviews. Both the quantity and quality of customer feedback are important. Before buying some products online people have a chance to explore what were the impressions of all the previous customers who previously have bought the same product. After searching through the available feedbacks people can decide whether the product is worth ordering it online. Such information helps them resolve doubts relating to their purchase. 

There are two different ways to get feedback on the web:

  • directly on the company’s website;
  • on third-party websites like reputation management services that assist in the creation of effective business strategies, troubleshooting, and customer service.

How Customer Reviews Influence Conversion Rate

Both ways of presenting customer feedbacks are equally important. If the reviews are on the seller’s website, people don’t have to excessive tab to hear the opinions of other buyers. However, the study found that 82 percent of users who visited feedback services go to the seller’s website and are ready to make a purchase ASAP.

The quality of feedback is, of course, also important. Specialists from Harvard Business School found out that increasing the rating on the feedback website increased the income of the company by 5-9 percent.

Many people blame feedback websites for publishing only too harsh opinions to attract visitors to their resources. However, if the website does not have enough different and real customer feedback, consumers will have an imbalance of information.

A large number of product reviews contribute to the confidence of potential buyers. They help to dispel the doubts that people usually have before they buy products. Any reviews matter regardless of where they are published.

Many websites on the Internet specialize in customer reviews and make this information widely accessible. Therefore, some entrepreneurs may think that it is not necessary to publish customer opinions on their websites. However, there is a huge amount of research proving the importance of posting feedback on the company’s website:

  • Reevoo experts have found that 50 or more reviews for each product help increase the conversion rate of this product by 4.6 percent;
  • According to the 2011 iPerceptions study, 63 percent of consumers are only inclined to buy products from websites that have at least some customer feedback;
  • eMarketer has proven that people tend to trust reviews more than product description information;
  • according to Reevoo, by posting reviews on their websites, entrepreneurs can increase sales by 18 times.

The power of customer reviews should not be underestimated. The proper implementation of customer feedback can benefit business prosperity while negligence in this field, on the contrary, is capable to deal great damage to conversion rate.

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