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How to Keep Office Space Health Compliant in 2021

Times have changed in the business world because of the recent global Covid-19 pandemic. This novel virus pushed a lot of companies to shut down their operations, but business owners are allowed to reopen again now and bring their employees back to work. However, every business owner should make sure that their office building is completely ready for the reopening.

It has to be up to the standards implemented by the WHO and CDC. You should read on to learn about the ways to keep your office space compliant with the new health and safety requirements in 2021.

Inform Your Employees about the Mandatory Rules

The first step that you should do is to inform your employees about the mandatory rules that everyone should follow. One of the most important rules is complying with the face coverings needed in the workplace. This means that every staff member should come to work wearing a face mask. Also, you need to modify your company policy for customers to see that you’ve implemented specific mandatory requirements.

This means that customers should be wearing a face mask too, and they need to be aware of your full capacity rules. When you implement a full capacity method for safety, it means that only a specific number of customers and employees should be in the office at a certain time. Make sure you give every employee their schedules to have them all know about the rotating shifts plan. Also, customers should be informed in writing with signs and verbally that they might wait in line to get inside. 

Constant Cleaning and Sanitization

Another way to be health compliant is to implement a plan to have your office constantly cleaned and sanitized. Every state should comply with this change, even the companies in North Carolina. This might be difficult to keep up with yourself so you will need to consider hiring professionals.

Advice from the office cleaning Charlotte North Carolina services suggest that around the clock disinfecting and sanitizing can keep your office space completely clean to be compliant with the new safety procedures. The virus can be easily spread through physical contact, meaning doorknobs, walls, office supplies, and armrests. Following a system that keeps your staff members safe through constant sanitization can help prevent the virus from spreading.

Personal Cleanliness  

Every employee should focus more on personal cleanliness because it can make the company compliant with the new health and safety requirements. You will need to place several posters, signs, and informative clips on office screens that explain the importance of personal hygiene and the dos and don’ts steps to keep everyone safe.

Not only is this good for employees, but it’s also good for customers. Encourage people and employees to wash their hands constantly after touching something and advise them to have a pocket-sized hand sanitizer or alcohol spray. You can invest in the large sanitizers that can be placed in every corner of the office. This will motivate everyone to use them to stay clean and safe.

Implement Automation and Safety Systems

You should implement automation systems in the office to minimize any possible infection or disease transmission. For example, instead of physically touching phones to call clients, your employees can verbally say a command and the phone can call the client for them. Also, you should encourage your employees to download specific apps on their phones that can send them alerts or warnings if the 6-feet apart rule was breached.

When some people are too close to each other, they will be reminded of the social distancing rules and comply with the changes needed to protect themselves and everyone around them.

Proper Ventilation

Your office should have proper ventilation at all times. Even if it’s something simple as opening windows, it can make a huge difference with possible airborne particles of the virus. Also, check your HVAC systems and make sure everything is working properly. Every air conditioner or heater should go through maintenance periodically to ensure the safety of the working environment. 

The new safety protocols might be a little extreme, but it’s a necessary change that can prevent another outbreak from spreading. The safety of your employees and customers should be your priority. This is why you should familiarize yourself with the best ways possible to make everyone safe and protected.

You will need to spend some time training your employees to adjust to the new safety procedures. It will minimize any mistakes or possible disasters when business operations resume. Just remember not to skip any important step because all of them are mandatory and recommended to ensure that your office space is health compliant.

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