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How to Invest in a Boat and RV Storage Business

The self-storage facility business is a hit in all seasons. From small household items that get rarely used to recreational vehicles (RV) and boats, you can find rental storage units most suited to your demands. Recreational vehicles are available on the market for as low as $50,000 and as high as upwards of $1M. Since RVs and boats are expensive toys, their storage facilities fall under the luxury storage niche.

It can often get difficult as an RV and boat storage facility provider to attract customers. Unless you provide sophisticated security measures, outstanding customer services, and unique amenities, you have a convenient location. Your marketing strategies should be on point to strive for the right customer. Old and traditional marketing methods might not work in this niche.

Owners of expensive toys come with a different mindset and high expectations. Your storage facility should reflect similar sentiments via various features and amenities. Are you a newbie in the RV and boat storage business or looking to grow a struggling one? Read on to find the best ways to score customers.

1.Online Convenience

Suppose you have been in the business for a long time. In that case, it is never too late to integrate technology and offer improvised services. Online convenience is a prime example of this. Being one of the mobile countries in the world, Americans tend to move a lot. RV and Boat owners in America are not likely to live close to the storage facility. And moving back and forth for the slightest inquiry doesn’t make much sense.

Ensuring your presence online can give a boost to your business like anything. Many companies like Lakeside Boat Storage have adopted this strategy and won over customers. Options like online payments and move-ins, rental kiosks, and mobile-friendly login will attract potential customers and retain the existing ones. 

2.Offer Tight Security

These watercraft don’t come cheap and are an investment for some people. For customers to trust your service, it is crucial to have updated and advanced security measures in place. Suppose you are in this business and looking for ways to attract customers. In that case, cutting corners when it comes to security is a big NO. 

We do agree that investing in sophisticated security tools is expensive. This same feature can set you apart from your competitors. You can also charge a premium rate for going the extra mile to protect their costly kinds of stuff. 

We recommend you to earn RV and boat owners’ confidence by investing in top-range securities such as:

  • Gated access
  • Secure fencing
  • 24-hour surveillance 
  • Unit alarms
  • Fire sprinklers
  • Support of local police
  • Personalized key fobs

3.Location Is the Key

In the RV and boat storage business, the facility’s location can make or break the case. If you already own an RV storage facility, it might be difficult for you to relocate. But, for those who enter the market or look to open a new unit, scouring for the ideal location is a step on the right path.

You will find many RV and boat storage facilities near lakes, oceans, beaches, camping grounds, national parks, and outdoor recreational facilities. Yet, many boat owners live in the metro, far from outdoor recreation areas, and would like to have their things close to home. In such a case, opening a storage facility within the vicinity is a much smarter move. 

Other than the ease of access, location is also essential when deciding what storage facility to offer.  An open unit would work fine in the early days, but today, boat owners require more security and enclosed spaces to store their goods.

4.Marketing Strategies

Remember, we mentioned that the RV and Boat storage facility caters to a niche market? Well, it also requires unique marketing strategies to generate business. What about taking a boat out in the water with a banner of your storage facility flying for potential customers to see? It is much better than any traditional advertisement technique.

If you want the perfect marketing strategy, the key is to focus on your facility’s benefits. Know your image and that of your customers. Try to identify a group that usually owns RVs and boats and meet them in a laid-back environment. You must also attend trade shows and boat-related events to know what is new in the market and how your storage facility can update its features. Better yet, host car wash or boat shows to understand your customers better.

The Bottom Line

The RV and boat Storage business is an extremely profitable one. But that doesn’t mean you are the only player on the field. It is an exciting business venture that is growing fast. Your competitors are coming up with ways to lure new customers daily. To edge out the competition, you should offer services like 24/7 access, online convenience, high security, the best location, and great marketing strategies.

But keeping balance is essential in any business. Since your storage facility will be offering top-rated features, try not to sell yourself cheap. Charge prices that reflect the quality and quantity of your services. It will show customers that you are serious about your business. With all this in place, you get set to sail far! 

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