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How to Improve Your International Trade 2021?

The world has become smaller and the scope for business has become larger. As a business, penetrating into new markets, new ventures despite the boundaries and borders have become possible. It is for a business to understand its potential and mettle. 

International trade is possible with just a system, clicks, and a very connected world physically and electronically. However, 2021 took a toll on economies on trade and businesses collectively throughout the world.

The GDPs have slashed, the borders have been sealed, and international travels have been barred. Now, when the world is learning to live with important lessons learned, the businesses have also learned important lessons with respect to upping their game in the International Trade. 

As a business, you can browse this site and understand how even business communications have evolved electronically. The valuable learnings from 2021 can be stated in a few important points wherein one can improve their international trade:

Online Faxing Service

What is a business without secure communication? When sending international couriers, important papers, signing deals was not possible with logistics essentially being ceased, there still were ways in which businesses operated. 

Welcome to the world of CocoFax content where businesses saved grace through online faxing services. Despite a bunch of industry players offering online faxing services, CocoFax emerges as a sure shot winner.

This is essentially because CocoFax provides usage alternatives to the users. It does not bottleneck the users and their functions with only one peculiar way of performing. CocoFax is an evolved faxing alternative.

You can send and receive fax through the app, through email, through Microsoft Office, through web browsers. Your fax sending and receiving abilities only depend upon your internet connectivity and not the status of your fax machine.

Remote working was rendered necessary in 2021 and therefore the dependency upon office infrastructure was heavily impacted. This is when a lot of multinational corporations recognized that when there are online methods available, why depend upon the office fax machine.

Thus, CocoFax was flooded with subscribers. There are a bunch of reasons why CocoFax is the most desirable platform to send and receive fax but the below features are undoubtedly amazing:

Free Fax Number

When you subscribe to CocoFax, you attain a free fax number. Yes, there is no necessity for applying for a fax number, doing dilatory verifications, and then getting one eons later. When you can get the number on CocoFax for free, why waste time in futile attainments?

30 Day Free Trial

Not all faxing applications offer a free trial period. CocoFax offers a free 30-day trial which turns out to be a good enough time to recognize one’s ease with the application. Further, ending the subscription within the trial period does not pose any amount of deductions.


It is the most cost-effective method for international business communication. The charges levied by CocoFax for international faxes are comparatively lower than other online faxing services. 

All these reasons justify that when looking for online faxing services, CocoFax is the only reliable name with a trustworthy game. The rest are just false claims. 

Looking out for New Export Markets

As a business, you must always be on a lookout for new export markets and niches that are still developing. Going on an unexplored route offers you the leverage of being the spearheader. You can attain a niche and loyal patronage if you keep looking for a relevant and related export market.

Social Media Marketing

2021 has necessitated the entire world locked down in their homes spending their time on social media. Social media marketing and effective social media ads can bring about a very positive upward graph to your international trade.

There are various filters and segments that you can state when marketing or advertising your business. Your market will then be streamlined and advertised to the relevant clientele anywhere in the world.

The best part is, social media marketing allows you to transcend boundaries and international waters and gets you results while you’re ensconced in the comfort of your office. 

Collaborate with local partners

Collaborate with a local partner with a good standing. This way, it is easier to transcend into an unknown boundary. Therefore, collaborations work for the benefit of both businesses. It will offer you a local appeal while at the same time it will also give you an international edge.

Price Analysis

You must study your pricing and make relevant changes to international trade. Every nation has its own set of pricing policies, local customs, duties, and other relevant taxes. At the same time, you need to be on par with the purchasing power of the people. 

So, in order to make your leeway into international trade, you must undergo a cost study and see if the pricing is lucrative enough to appeal to the clientele.

Adjust your media mix

Not every nation would have the same marketing channel. The popularity of media channels changes with country to country. You can’t use the same social media strategy everywhere in the world.

Therefore, an extensive study of local culture, local talent with an understanding of taste and preferences of people is important. Following the same set of marketing procedures everywhere in the world will result in uneven results. Try to attain parity by distinguishing. 


International trade has been heavily impacted in 2021 but you can browse this site to see that there is still a lot to conquer and attain in terms of trade and businesses. There are ways in which business communication and conduct can be secured despite borders and boundaries.

From using CocoFax content to sending out faxes to working with local collaborators to give a homely feel, you can do a lot to escalate the levels of your international approach. Every year teaches an important lesson, but 2021 has truly been a learning curve.

The businesses will perform, with or without the physical infrastructure. A business that does not evolve with time gets left behind. Hence, to attain international success, you have to lower the bars of physical interface and physical infrastructure. Less is more!

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