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How Hotels can Streamline their Business with OtelMS

Running a hotel is a fun and different type of business that allows you to meet clients from all around the world, and share an experience out of the ordinary.

But at the same time, running a hotel can be stressful. There is a lot to think about but also a lot of management that goes into successfully operating a hotel that gives clients a perfect experience. The good news is that there are management systems that you can use to streamline your business to run your business in a more time-efficient and overall more effective manner.

In this article, we are looking closer at OtelMS, which is one of the leaders in the hotel business software market and has been helping hotels since 2013. OtelMS is an all-in-one hotel management system to grow your business which offers a comprehensive solution for hotel business management, including streamlined aspects from automating internal processes and increasing online sales.

Let’s look closer at what OtelMS front desk hotel software has to offer for hotels.

OtelMS Hotel software

The front desk hotel software is a professional hotel property management system that allows you to automate many business processes. With that said, you can streamline many aspects that tend to take up a lot of your time and attention in order to make it easier to operate your hotel.

Thanks to this software, you can run your business from any device anywhere in the world. Some of the most critical areas that you can automate and streamline are:

  • receptionist;
  • online booking;
  • inventory;
  • rate schedule;
  • storage of clients’ history;
  • reporting.

Many of these areas tend to be aspects which can be very time-consuming, but also quite boring, and with that said, you can get more time for the things that you think are fun to focus on, and focus on the things that truly matter for giving your visitors a perfect experience.

The core of the PMS front desk for the hotel is “chessboard” registration table. This registration table has a calendar and a category of hotel rooms that can be opened for work with each separate room. This provides a better overview and easier management of the rooms available, making it easier to book a hotel room for the desired period.

Furthermore, the software provides information about the state of affairs at the hotel including checks-in and checks out that have been planned, guests who are staying in a hotel, as well as possible mistakes. Ultimately, this prevents double-bookings and other issues that may arise, for a more streamlined booking.

In addition, we have the property management system of the hotel which helps you control the hotel data such as stock, tariffs, services in a room, finding a guest, and much more. You can also set up details regarding a booking, for example, children, additional beds, etc. You can also change the pricing for rooms with only a few clicks for a more effective booking process.

As a hotel owner, keeping track of your historical bookings is crucial in order to learn and improve your business. Via OtelMS, you can keep track of the history of booking process changes. It then provides different reports so you can get a detailed overview of all the key data you need in order to improve your business and make changes accordingly.

This includes everything from demographic, financial reports, the audit of the staff, the assessment of the work in a hotel, and more. With this data, you can compare it to other periods to see how your hotel has performed, and learn more about what works and what doesn’t work as well. Taking advantage of key data is crucial for continuously improving your business.

All in all, the hotel management system helps you cut costs and streamline your business so you can improve your business model as well as get more time for what truly matters rather than administration.

The key benefits include:

  • saving time for a manager;
  • avoiding mistakes made by a person;
  • cut in the price of services;
  • building up the database of guests;
  • forms of strict accountability;
  • statistics and reports about the effectiveness of hotel work;
  • possibility to learn about the state of affairs at a hotel from any place in the world;
  • successful pricing policy.


It is evident that every hotel needs a hotel management system. Running a hotel successfully is no easy task, with lots of administration and data to handle. By using software, you can focus on what truly matters for your business and streamline your whole business model. With key data, you can make changes necessary in order to get better results and consistently improve your business by learning what truly works.

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