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How do I do a Background Check on a Company?

How do I do a Background Check on a Company?

Background checks are not restricted to just employees or for finding out possible criminal history. Background checks can be carried out on businesses or companies too. You can find out their history, legal history, or current credit status. All this information is available for you to access if you know just where to search for them and this can be easy as you can take an online Background or DBS check.

Just like private individuals, companies also accumulate a history. From their legal history, lawsuits, advertising history, consumer, or business disputes, there is a truth finder that can help you find out whatever information on any business and that truth finder is a background check.

Before conducting any business with any company or even if you want to accept an employment offer, conduct a thorough background check on said company so as to be better informed when making your decision. It is this business operations history that is used to find out about them. There are some things you need to do first to conduct a thorough background check on a company.

Check Government Sources

The Federal Trade Commission regulates all the business practices of every business in the United States. The foster and promote consumer protection and are called in to investigate unfair trade practices or formulation of monopolies and also disallow them.

There are other agencies that are charged with the responsibility of checking businesses like various state agencies that regulate retailers dependent on the kind of product that trade-in, law firms are checked by the American Bar Association.

So, what you need to do is determine the industry the firm falls into, then conduct a search of the firm under the governing agency.

Conduct a search of county records 

There are property tax records, county court records that are accessible for your search of the company or its principals. If they have been involved in a lawsuit, this information will be available. Also, county tax records will should if the business owns the property they conduct business out of. You can also go even higher by checking federal records to ascertain if the company is currently involved or has any prior federal lawsuit.

Get in touch with the Better Business Bureau

Their core services include but are not limited to; resolution of the dispute between consumers and businesses, business education, consumer education, fraud prevention, truth in advertising, business ethics amongst a host of other services. The Better Business Bureau makes this information available to the public and consumers and they apply an A to F grade to each company as their ratings.

Order a business credit report from a service that does business reporting

They would most likely charge you a service fee for the report, but you are assured of a genuine report which is accurate. There are different services that are listed that can assist you with your background check on any company you want to know about.

Search for the company’s number

This number can be found on their company’s website or even through an internet search. Once this is found, you can use it to search for any or most information about the company. There are different directories or listing sites for each country.

Public Records

There are records available on all companies. These records can be accessed even through the public library. Make sure you have the industry in which the company operates and also the governing body that regulates and monitors the business. This will be the first step towards conducting a thorough background check of the company in question.

Social media

You can also find out about the reputation or the conduct of the business through the various reviews of their service by customers. What are their employees saying about the company online? How do they respond to customers’ issues? Is there an ongoing lawsuit? Conduct a Google search, browse their social media pages to get as much information as possible. All this can be found when a background check is conducted on the company.

Although background checks are popular with employers who want to find out about their potential employees, there are background checks conducted on businesses also. There are various reasons why a background check will be conducted on a company. It could be for the purpose of conducting business with the company or to find out if they are strong when it comes to their financials or even to know their current legal status. The list above serves as a guide to help you start on your way towards conducting a thorough background check on any company.

Keep it in mind that it might be better to pay experts who specialize in this line of work to aid you in your search. The reason for this is would be they are most likely to be licensed and authorized to access certain records that might not be made available to an ordinary individual. This search would most likely come with a service fee that could range between $3-$100 all depending on the scope of information required from the background check.

So, there you have it. Starting from the checking government sources, county records, getting information from the better business bureau, public records, social media, or the use of a business reporting service, all these avenues are a means by which you can find out the birth in addition to the business journey of any company.

Although, it is good to bear in mind that certain records might not be made public and therefore you would need a certain kind of authorization to access them. If it is relevant to your search, get in touch with whatever governing agency regulates that industry where the firm falls under and make an inquiry into how to go about accessing that information so as not to be in breach of any laws, rules, and regulations.

If in doubt about your ability to handle this, hand it over a business reporting firm and just wait to get your background check report back.

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