Monday, March 27

How to Choose the Safe and Convenient Crypto Wallet?

Every time you want to store your money in a bank, you are searching and trying to choose the best one, right? You want to find the safe one, and the fees should not be very high.

And we pay attention to everything we choose – telemedicine software development apps, laptops, bank cards, etc. 

The same thing is with the best crypto wallet. The crypto market offers a lot of different hardware, online, mobile, desktop, and even paper wallets. And this high diversity makes the choice very hard. 

Today we want to tell you about the most important features of crypto wallets that should be present in your future storage. 

Cold & Hot Wallets

Here you will need to decide if you want to use your wallet with the Internet connection or without it. 

Of course, the second option is better because it is actually safer for your assets, and it is provided by the cold wallets. 

If you want to have a convenient wallet, for example, the online one, the chances to find the cold are not high. 

Custodial & Non-Custodial Wallets

A lot of people don’t know about this feature, but I need to tell you that it is very important. 

If you choose the custodial wallet, it will mean that all your private data, including the keys, will be stored in the wallets servers. And this makes them very vulnerable to hack attacks.

That is why you will better look for the non-custodial one to ensure the best level of safety for your crypto. 

Multi-Signature Wallets

If you are going to have one single wallet with your family members or business partners, this feature will be very useful. 

If someone wants to proceed with the transaction, the money will be sent only when all of the holders confirm it. 

Multi-Currency Wallets 

There are a lot of wallets that support only BTC or ETH. This is good for people who hold only one crypto coin. 

If you want to store a lot of different coins and don’t want to have a lot of separate wallets for them, it will mean you need to find the multi-currency one.

There are a lot of them, so this won’t be very hard 🙂 


Today we talked a bit about the main features that can be present or absent in the crypto wallet. 

If you know what you need, it won’t be hard to choose a good wallet for you. If you don’t, the Internet offers a lot of articles that will help you to understand what features you need to have in your wallet. 

If you hold one crypto coin and make rare transactions, a hardware wallet or the wallet with cold storage is what you need. 

And if you are looking for convenient multi-currency storage to send frequent payments to purchase, let’s say, membership in the crypto signals channel, you will better look for the non-custodial mobile wallet.

I am sure you will find the safest storage for your assets!

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