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Furniture Pieces That You Need to Consider for Your New Office Space

People spend most of their waking hours in the office, and some even endure long hours. For this reason, it is important to ensure that your staff and workers are comfortable in their workplace. Once they are comfortable with their space, it is more likely that they will be productive, completing the tasks that they are supposed to finish within a certain deadline. 

If you are moving over to new office space, then consider getting the furniture pieces below.


One of the primary furniture pieces that you need to consider for new office space is the type of desk that you will acquire. You can opt for a range of white office desks or a standing desk that can be shared between multiple employees. In this case, you need to keep in mind that while everyone doesn’t need a desk of their own, each of your staff needs an ergonomic workspace where they will be able to fulfill what is expected of them. 

In fact, you should also encourage your employees to speak up whenever they feel discomfort. If they start to notice foot pain, simple measures such as wearing specialized neuropathy shoe insoles can make a huge difference. According to Protalus, chronic foot pain may indicate nerve damage, which must be detected as early as possible in order to avoid further health complications.

Aside from personal working space, you also need to think about communal desks that are necessary when you hold meetings and conferences. In this case, you need to consider a large desk or table that will be able to cater to several people getting together.

Conversely, you can also implement a communal work desk in providing a personal working space for each of your workers. This can pave the way for better collaboration between your employees as they can easily approach each other when they need help on a certain matter.


Another office furniture piece that you need to think about is the type of chair that you will get. Aside from the overall aesthetic appeal of the furniture, it is more important to consider the comfort of the person who will be using it. In line with this, it is better to go for ergonomic office chairs that support the posture of the person sitting on it, even with long hours of use. 

However, going for an ergonomically designed chair may prove to be challenging as each person is unique and there is no single chair that can fit the needs of all individuals. But as a benchmark, look for an office chair with a backrest and an adjustable seat height, such that the person sitting on it can configure it according to his needs. It will be better if the seat you go for also has a headrest and armrests that can also be adjusted.

Storage Space

In this modern-day and age, you may no longer find rows and rows of file cabinets in offices because more and more businesses are transitioning into paperless transactions. However, you may still need to keep a drawer or two for other office supplies. Instead of a file cabinet that will take up a relatively huge amount of space in your office, go for drawers that can be stored neatly under the desks of your workers, hidden away from the overall view.

Living area

Having office guests is inevitable and in this case, you need to have a living area that can accommodate them. Your guests can be your potential business partners, suppliers, or applicants for your vacant positions. Make them feel comfortable by creating a living area within your office, which is complete with a couple of couches and coffee tables. To maximize the use of this space, let your employees lounge in your living area when they take their much-needed break from work.

Dining Pieces

Lastly, consider some dining pieces strategically positioned in your office pantry, so long as your space allows. In this way, your staff can bring their packed lunches and eat them here rather than having to go out, which can take longer. However, you don’t have to put much thought in terms of the dining furniture that you need to get for your office pantry. While dining pieces still need to be comfortable for use, it is more important that they are functional, and if they are, then you are good to go.

To wrap things up, make sure that you get the essential furniture pieces for new office space such as desks and chairs, as well as those for your storage needs. Also consider the living area of your office, as well as the dining pieces that you need because after all, you may be receiving guests and your staff needs to eat and have a break too. The key is ensuring that with whatever design or style you go for in terms of the furniture pieces you choose, your workers are comfortable.

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