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How to Use Free Sticker Giveaways for Marketing

Even in the era of digital marketing, using stickers is a tried and right marketing form. You know the time when most marketers advocate digital marketing and traditional advertising, using labels to market a business has its own significance.

In today’s world, businesses know how stickers do well for their marketing purposes whether they want to enhance brand awareness, support their digital marketing efforts, or build a customer royalty. People are blind when they see the digital world filled with ads because they want something in their physical world. The write-up is going to explain why stickers work well in marketing a business and what ways they can be used to help you in your marketing strategy.

Why sticker marketing works?

Label marketing works exceptionally well for several reasons that are as follows:

  • Perception

People take all sorts of advertising and marketing differently. They do not take any ads seriously and get lured easily to buy a product/service just after coming across an advertisement. Even in this digital age, people believe in old school day tactics. So, people are hostile and resistant when they come across any advertisement on the Internet, TV channels, newspapers, radio, or magazines.

Stickers are not considered as part of that type of marketing. People are not resistant even you use custom labels and stickers with just your business logo. They appreciate it when they receive it as a gift. So, using stickers for marketing your business is receptive.

  • Simplicity

The message on a sticker is simple, as you can’t leave a ton of the same on it. People don’t love to read an entire treatise on any ad copy. Labels with an attractive design and heart-touching short messages get huge appreciations.

  • Endorsement

Stickers work as an endorsement. People show up labels when they find their personal belongings on that. When a person comes across people displaying customized labels, he/she takes it that people are supporting a particular business brand. It means using stickers works as a word of mouth advertising. When people are not pleased with a business, they don’t display the respective labels on anything they use in their life.

Word of mouth advertising is more powerful, as a large number of people notice stickers when they come across the same. They recommend a brand when a person asks for recommendations about products/services.

Ways to use stickers for marketing your business

Using custom labels for marketing your business depends on your creativity. However, here are a few ways that you can apply:

  • Business cards

In the current world, most of you handout visiting cards to your potential clients. Make your business card sticky if you have. Getting your business card as a label allows it to be stuck to anything (laptop, fridge, notebook, desk, etc.). With this, your business brand is more visible. Business cards get lost in the pockets, bags of people when you handout to them. On the other hand, stickers find places to be stuck on any surface, leading your brand to be more visible. So, be different from others and make your business cards more interactive and memorable.     

  • Bumper stickers

Having a fun slogan along with your business logo on stickers and handing out the same is an excellent way to market your business. Such a label on a vehicle lasts for more than five years and get huge appreciations from other drivers and people. Stickers with a slogan like train the present to save the future will draw the attention of passers-by and make them aware of your brand.  

  • Street advertising

Advertising your business in streets via custom labels is an excellent way to let people know you and your business. Street advertising is a well-tried tactic to grow your business and expand your customer base. Whether you paste or giveaway your custom stickers, they work for you. People show their love to have free labels, and they know where to put the stickers up.

  • Social sharing

Willing to grow your business on social platforms without spending any penny? Print your QR code or Snapchat on a custom sticker. Offer such stickers free on certain purchases or giveaway. Share it on all platforms through your business accounts on social media. In addition, give such labels to people who are associated with you in anyways and ask them to display the same for your business promotion. With this, you will receive considerable appreciations in your locality.

  • Product launch

Are you going to launch a product or service in forthcoming days or months? Printing it on custom labels and stickers will be an excellent way for you to raise awareness about your new addition. For instance, you are a shoe manufacturer or retailer. And you have decided to add a new shoe range in your product line. Get this printed on beautifully designed stickers. You should handout these stickers in and around your locality through several means. You will notice a significant difference in your web traffic and rush to your store.

Overall, the use of stickers for marketing a business is endless. It depends on your creativity, and you need to find ways on how to use your custom labels to market your business. As you start with is, your mind will come up with new ideas. Be relaxed and calm for a while before you start thinking about the uses of stickers. You can get in touch with professionals to avail their advice if you short on ways to use labels for your business promotion.

Article written by smithwillas.

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