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Essay Writing Competition on Independence Day

The government leader of Osun state revealed that his team is looking into establishing a new generation of leaders. That was the goal for the essay contest on the 2021 Independence Day.

A girl from Fakunle secondary school and a Bowen University medical student won the essay contest. There was an institution section too where the Odo government emerged as the winner. The participants wrote all the essays without help from professional writers from grade miners or other writing companies.

Earlier, the Osun State has stated that interested learners in high school and colleges should deliver essays on specified subjects.

The Osun leader sent his assistant to represent him during the essay contest finals. The occasion was to celebrate sixty-one years of independence.

The essay writing contest stimulated excellence among learners. It encourages them to be creative as the best producers of valuable ideas for growth. Besides that, it also ventilates the views openly in public.

The essay writing effort is a result of thorough practice. Students train their minds to engage well in society issues.

Since the office got opened, the leaders have prioritized qualitative schooling for learners.

The administrators know that constructing a sustainably prosperous government needs strategic funding for the younger humans. That will get them ready for the actuality of the keenly aggressive international expertise economy.

A leader in the Regional Integration and Special Duties also gave a speech. He appreciated the governor for allowing the essay contest among high school and higher learning institutions as one of the activities that mark the 61st Nigeria Independence Day.

He added that the Regional Integration and Special Duties department got seven hundred entries from thirty-four schools willing to participate. They comprised both privately-owned and public institutions around the country.

Other essay entries were from twenty-three local government regions of the State and non-indigenes.

On the celebration day, the State gathered a high number of youths. They used their thinking to recommend suitable solutions to the country’s obstacles.

The undertaking will encourage reading and essay writing culture among young people. The gesture is dynamic and can lead to healthy and intellectual competition among learners.

The event chairman also thanked the governor for creating an opportunity for young people to participate in an essay writing contest.

A general also got a chance to speak. He described the Independence Day celebration as joyful. He added that the state has been courageous enough to plan a fruitful event in a place where unfavorable functions are popular.

The general also addressed the students. He encouraged them to give up on their desire to contribute to society’s growth. The state needs knowledge, security, and development. All that can only be achieved if people work together.

The general did not stop there. He went ahead to recommend the checking of family values. They are tools to reconstruct the poor security structure in the country. He additionally said that security does not only get determined by the leaders. There is so much that citizens can contribute as well.

The following person who gave a speech was the maiden edition winner. He congratulated the governor for the essay contest initiative. He described it as the preparation stage for the next leaders. Young people can identify the problems experienced in society and come up with solutions before things worsen.

The service leader was next. He gave a goodwill speech where he congratulated the governor on the essay competition initiative. He added that he was also a product of a contest similar to it.

The service head urged the people who took part in the essay competition to see their reward and the start of more achievements.

The competition moderators analyzed the top twenty-five participants from high school and tertiary groups. They ensured to pick high-quality essays. Copied articles from sites like were not accepted. The winners were students who proved they were capable of producing original content with valuable ideas.

The high school essay winners were:

  • The first one was from Fakunle Comprehensive secondary school.
  • The second position was taken by a student from Ambassadors College Ile-Ife.
  • The third one was from Our Lady and St. Francis secondary school.

Tertiary school essay winners:

  • The first one was from Bowen University.
  • The second position went to a student from Ibadan University.
  • The third position went to the Adeleke University student.

The tertiary group winners received cash and a Toyota Corolla vehicle for writing like the professional essay writers featured on the RankMyWriter website.

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