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Employee Branding and its Benefits for your Organization

Employee Branding means using your employees as a spokesperson for your organization or brand. If your employees are happy in their workspace they can help support and even increase your brand value. When you meet your employees’ expectations, or go over and above they are satisfied and happy, which in turn betters your brand value by word of mouth and invariably, social media. 

Employee branding has innumerable benefits, a few of which are listed below.

  • Invariably increases productivity

When your employees are happy, they are more likely to be productive. That’s a fact. They will look for new ways to complete a task with less fatigue setting in. This also opens avenues for innovation within your organization. New and improved solutions to your business problems, help with increasing the overall productivity of the employees as well as the whole organization. 

  • Increases brand loyalty

Your employees, when satisfied with their working conditions and their jobs as a whole, are loyal to your organization. This also increases brand loyalty from your customers and clients. Also, more and more people would like to be associated with you as the way of working or even just using your products.

  • Utilization of resources

When you are doing something just for the heck of it, you just tend to do the bare minimum. The same goes for the employees working in an organization. But, if your employees are satisfied and happy, they make good and optimum utilization of the available resources, which includes technology too. This way the wastage of resources is minimal.

  • Unleash the power of social media

The power of social media can be optimally utilized when your employees are happy to work for you and are willing to talk about your organization and brand from their social media accounts. You cannot force your employees to do it, but when they are willing to do it of their own accord, it maximizes their engagement as well as invariably the customer engagement as well. 

  • Abiding by company values brings improvement

You can not fake for a long time. The image of the company or brand that you want to portray must be brought into practice. When this happens, the trust of the employees, as well as your precious customers, also increases. You can project the required image as well as practice it too. Thus, goals are achieved and improvement happens.

  • Improvement in brand reputation

There is conspicuous improvement in your brand image and reputation when your employees work as your brand spokespeople of their own accord. However many statistics and data you use to portray your company in a positive light, nothing beats the employee branding. Their word is directly from the horse’s mouth which matters more than what your statistics say to your clients.

  • Increase in employee motivation

A satisfied employee is also the most motivated one. When your brand recognition is touching new heights every day, it is safe to assume that it is a direct or indirect result of employee branding in the major part. When they work for a reputed company they feel like a part of the team and consider themselves in some way responsible for the reputation, which isn’t wrong and they are highly motivated to do even better in the future.

  • The attraction for the right talent

A company’s reputation is a key consideration for job seekers these days. It is a general practice to google the organization as well as its reviews from the actual employees, the people working there to get the actual idea of the kind of organization that awaits them and if they would be willing to work for such organization. The majority of new job seekers look for a reputed company to work for irrespective of its size. 

  • Better customer service

When your organization’s employees are satisfied and enjoy working for you, they will invariably give their best to treat your customers right. This way you can achieve better customer satisfaction from your consumers. 

  • Cost-effective in the long run

All the money and efforts that go into the initiative of employee branding might seem much to you when you are spending it. But, when your employees and customers are both satisfied, it rakes in a lot of moolah for your business. And with the optimum utilization of available resources and great brand recognition, this turns out to be cost-effective in the long run. 

  • Changing customer opinions

If your customer opinions are not up to your expectations, then probably it is time to get on with your employee branding initiative. This can help you turn those opinions into positive ones. This might take a little time, but it is fairly achievable if you are committed to your goals. 

  • Lesser employee turnover

This should not come as a total surprise, but the happier and satisfied your workforce is, the lesser are they inclined to leave your organization. This helps with your employee turnover problem. 

Conclusively, employee branding is a comprehensive and time taking process. But, that is not a good enough reason not to take it up. Its advantages outweigh its disadvantages exponentially and are a great way to achieve overall satisfaction from included parties. And not to forget the great return on investment of this initiative. Thought Industries is counted among the Forbes’ list of America’s Best Startup Employers for 2020. Thought Industries Pricing has also worked in its favor to achieve this milestone.

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