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Effective Ways to Do Brand Marketing with Custom Retail Shopping Bags and Gift Bags

Effective Ways to Do Brand Marketing with Custom Retail Shopping Bags and Gift Bags

Businesses, whether they are small or bigger, will go to any lengths necessary to ensure their existing customers are happy, that they attract new ones and keep the old ones coming for business, and get all of their customers to create more awareness for their brand. These all call for the heavy expenditure of the company’s resources, which most businesses may be struggling to raise in the first place. As such, businesses must ensure that whatever marketing strategy they choose, it brings great returns on investment. One of the most effective ways to do brand marketing is by using custom retail shopping bags and gift bags.

Due to their easy customisation, numerous design options, and practical usability, thanks to their versatility, custom retail shopping bags and gift bags create massive awareness for your brand and direct the right customers to your business.

Some of the best ways in which custom retail shopping bags and gift bags can market your brand include:

Use them at events sponsored by your brand

Your company can decide to sponsor events in its locality as a part of its corporate social responsibility. Some of those events include games and sporting activities, clean-ups, medical camps, and many others. During these events that you will have sponsored, your company can also offer to give free custom retail bags and gift bags to the participants. That is one effective marketing strategy that will not only get your business the attention it deserves, but also endears it to locals.

Since you have control over your sponsored event, you get to decide the criteria for giving out the retail bags and gift bags. Perhaps you can give them to the first 50 or 100 people that arrive at the venue of the event. You could even use the bags to entice the customers to do something like signing up for a mailing list. You will not only reach your targeted audience but will also create an impact that will last a long time.

Add them to your merchandise for sale

The idea of incorporating custom retail shopping bags and gift bags to your inventory for sale is a wise move. This is because it will generate revenue for the business and at the same time create awareness about the brand. The customers who have been loyal to your business will most likely buy the bags as an indication of loyalty to your brand. To ensure that the bags give you some reasonable margins, you need to engage bag manufacturing experts. You can browse the market to find a partner that meets your requirements and needs. One popular example is Rocket Bags which helps with customized bags for many of the leading companies.

Use them as freebies for purchasing from your business

You may decide to give the custom retail bags and gift bags to customers upon making purchases. Besides this being a very effective marketing strategy, you will strengthen your relationship with both existing and new customers. The business can have some requirements to be met for customers to qualify for the bags, for instance, to spend at least a given amount or to make several purchases within a given time. It could also decide to have no information shared about such an offer to add an aspect of surprise so that the customers feel overwhelmed when they are gifted a bag.

As giveaways at populated events like trade fairs

It is a smart move for a brand that wants to increase its awareness to give custom retail shopping bags and gift bags to the attendees at populated events such as trade shows, expos, and other mega-events. The bags need to be printed with all of the relevant information about your brand on them. Your business will manage to connect with other players in the industry and build strong relations by giving away bags at those events. What’s more, is that the free bags make your brand remain relevant in the minds of the recipients many days after the event.


Custom retail shopping bags and gift bags come in an array of captivating designs, bold colours, distinct patterns, and can be branded with a great logo to get the attention of your customers and others who come across them, making them powerful brand marketing tools. They also strengthen your business relationships with other players and at an affordable budget.

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