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Direct Mail Marketing – 5 Best Ways Ever, to Find the Right Mailing Customers

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When it comes to direct mail marketing, the list is KING. This is what separates the pros from the amateurs. The pros will spend time and effort in finding and tracking down the right list, even before they start putting together their sales letter and offer.

The pros know where to get this list. They know the right questions to ask the list broker, and they won’t give up until they’ve found what they are looking for. They know that 70% of their direct mail marketing success depends on the right list. If they get it wrong, the whole campaign is doomed.

Amateurs will start out by focusing on the sales letter. They will put all their soul into producing the perfect copy. They will also put all effort into having the ideal sellable product. A product they feel would be easy to sell and requires less convincing.

Having the right list is more important than all aspect of a direct mail marketing system. It’s more important than the product, it’s more important than the sales letter and even the offer.

To track down the best customer list for your marketing effort, I’ve put together 5 acid tests you must have to proudly say you’ve got the right list. Failing to meet just one, won’t do. Your list must pass all 5 tests.

Acid Test #1- Do They Have Money?

The list must have money. I know this sounds common sense, but I’ve seen marketers selling expensive products to people who can’t afford them. It makes no sense. This is as good as flushing money down the toilet.
Spend time to research and know your customer list. Ask questions to find out how much they earn? What house do they live in? Do they have a mortgage or are they tenants? What is their profession? How many times do they go on vacation? Etc.

Acid Test #2- Are They Comfortable Buying From Mail?

Here is another crucial research you need to make. Find out if this list is comfortable buying from direct mail. The best way to find out is to ask the listing broker if they’ve bought or responded to a direct mail offer before.
When customers have a history of buying things from direct mail offers, they are more comfortable to buy again. Never offer your direct mail offers to customers who’ve never bought from direct mail before. They won’t be comfortable no matter how good your offer is.

Acid Test #3- Do They Open There Mails?

I remember my early days in direct mail marketing. I send a mail to top executives wanting them to buy a high ticket item. The profit margin was huge and all I wanted to be just a couple of sales to break the bank.
Unfortunately, none of my offers was opened by these executives. They all had secretaries that opened them and considered it to be junks.

Make sure that your customers do open there own mails and not secretaries or assistants. Let your mails be addressed to them and not the name of the company. Let it be personalized.

Acid Test #4- Do They Have Known Interest?

This is very important. Find out if these people have a known interest in the product you are selling. Failing to find this out would lead to failure. Ask the right question to your broker. Do they have an interest in such products? Do they have a history of buying this kind of products and if so when? It makes no sense selling to customers who don’t have an interest in what you’re selling. It’s a perfect recipe for disaster.

Acid Test #5- Can You Get Them From Mailing List?

Some consumer group can’t be reached or found in a mailing list. Never market to a group if you can’t reach them on a mailing list.

A mailing list gives you enough information on that consumer group that will help you tailor your offer to suit them. You’ll be a better conversion if you know their profile, buying history, financial status and a lot more. This is the major benefits of a mailing list.

In conclusion, make sure that your customer list passes this acid test before using them. If it fails on anyone, don’t use it.  

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