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Different Ways to Validate Postal Addresses

Postal Addresses

Do you have a huge database of customer postal addresses? Do you know millions of people change their addresses due to personal or professional reasons? In one year, more than 36 million Americans change their postal addresses. Businesses that rely on direct mail for marketing purposes need to validate postal addresses for precise and accurate delivery of services and products.

An invalid postal address is a nightmare for businesses and that is why an address validation software online is critical otherwise get ready to bear higher operational costs. For the establishment of stronger relations with your audience, all you need to do is to execute postal API to verify the provided data.

What is Postal Address Validation?

The process of checking the deliverability and validity of the specific addresses with some kind of tools and programs is called postal address validation. Manual validation can take days and months for even a small database so postal APIs will help to speed up the process. These computer programs validate the addresses in two major phases:

  1. Address Parsing
  2. Address Standardization

These APIs don’t require any specific tools and systems. These APIs can be integrated with any existing IT infrastructure. National databases are searched against the provided addresses and if the software validates the address, the direct mail will reach the destination. The purpose of the postal address validation process is to reduce the mailing cost and increase the delivery rate of products and marketing content.

Role of API in Address Validation

Either you can request the national post service for the validation of the addresses or 3rd party solutions can be used. These 3rd party address validation solutions are provided in form of the APIs that are compatible with all types of businesses and services. Major applications of APIs for postal validation include:

  • Validating the postal addresses and offering the matching locations
  • Normalizing and parsing the street address data
  • Verifying the shipping address for direct mailing
  • Geo-coding and correction of the postal addresses

Instead of verifying the addresses one by one, these APIs run large chunks of data and can validate batches of addresses in seconds. The time span of weeks has been reduced to a few seconds due to the easy integration of the latest technologies. The accuracy of the addresses is another major perk of using independent tools. Most of the official services are not updated regularly and require major modifications in your infrastructure while 3rd party API makes it easier for business managers.

Final Verdict

Whether you just want to update the customer database for the next product launch or want to execute a direct mail marketing campaign, having postal address validation APIs in your toolkit can offer higher ROI. Due to regular updates and compliance with the national database, the chances of getting the desired outcome are higher than manual methods.

Instead of altering your marketing campaign due to database limitations, upgrade to premium API and access the updated resources for your business. Reach out to your target audience in a more reliable and affordable way with postal address validation API.

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