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How to use Crowd-sourced Funding to Improve Your Business Finances

These days, with the arrival of digital marketing and the presence of social media, have resulted in changing the business world completely. Today business owners have a lot of new methods to help them explore wider horizons for developing their businesses. Social media has helped business owners to market their products in various ways and also do thorough consumer research.

Social media and digital marketing have also helped companies to indulge in crowdsourcing. In this article, you will learn more about how crowdsourcing can be used to improve your business funds.

What is crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing is basically a practice whereby companies and individuals go on to obtain the services, ideas, content, or even funds by soliciting some contribution from large groups of people, specifically the community on social media, instead of going for help from the traditional methods and suppliers.

The principle of crowdsourcing basically reflects the fact that having more people will help you more. When you canvass a crowd of folks to get some ideas, funds, skills, participation then you shall be able to get high-quality content, idea and also funds. If you can apply the principles of crowdsourcing properly in your business, then you shall be able to get a lot of help regarding the various elements of your business. The results can also come to you quicker than it would have come if you had taken the traditional methods of funding.

Business crowdsourcing

The social businesses, specifically non-profit business organizations, can use crowdsourcing. They can use it for fundraising, or marketing, doing activism and even doing volunteering. Having the concept of crowdsourcing, business owners can make use of the power that crowds have in order to increase more awareness about their products, their causes, gathering new information and cultivating new donors, getting volunteers and also getting their work done.

Also, in the olden days, people would use the internet for soliciting and organizing small groups of folks for playing minimal roles in their projects. Thus, it can be said that crowdsourcing in today’s business world involves engaging more people, in the form of getting volunteers, clients, getting donors, these may be within the local community or within a community that has other like-minded people to give their contributions. Getting funds for your business purposes is one of the added benefits of crowdsourcing.

It can happen that a lot of times, it can seem difficult for you to get funds from traditional sources like banks, financial institutions, local creditors and so on, and the use of crowd-sourced funds can alleviate these situations.

The model of crowdsourcing will include the following:

1.Getting new collective knowledge:

The model of crowdsourcing will involve getting shared and combined information in order to help you find the solutions for a range of problems because it will center around the main idea that more heads are better than just one. So, more people will mean getting more ideas and good ideas than what you would have had if you had just a single mind pondering over them.

2.Mini volunteering:

This model of crowdsourcing will involve having to get large amounts of tasks to get divided into a lot of small ones which will enable the chances of outsourcing your repetitive jobs to other people. Mini volunteering can be applied with success during times of crisis when you need a large number of volunteers to perform various duties for any social cause. This will help to consolidate a lot of information into a database. A lot of non-profit businesses can use this method to promote activism about a certain social cause.

3.Crowd creations:

In this model, the procedure involves setting up a large crowd in order to help and produce amazing artworks. This model will be quite similar to having small open source projects where a lot of people can make contributions.

4.Crowd votes: 

Since everyone will have some kind of opinions, this model of crowdsourcing will be designed to make people express themselves by simply voting about things, rating them and providing some kind of feedback. By using this basic human desire, business owners and marketers can help to increase awareness for their brand and also draw a lot of valuable information about how people take to your products.

5.Crowdsourced funding:

The model of crowd-sourced funding is based on the basic idea of asking individuals and people. In general, to support your projects financially in order to develop your business so that it can help benefit other people. A lot of non-profit organizations are using crowdsourced funding in order to mobilize people to give funds on some special days of the year, like during Christmas or Easter. This model can be used either in isolation, or it can be combined with various other types of approaches to help you with your specific objectives in your business organization.

Using crowd-sourced funds, you can raise a lot of funds quite easily, and it will also help out to avoid the hassles of having to go through creditors and asking them for loans. But you must give back to your donors in some way or the other, either in the form of free giveaways, gifts or special discounts and subscriptions.

You must make productive use of crowdfunding to make your business develop better and also to win the trust of people.  It is not easy to ask people to give you money, so make sure that you explain to them why the money is required.

And what special purpose it will be used for and how your business can help to contribute to that cause. You can find more information about funding and its various intricate details at


Crowdsourcing to generate the funds for your business is a novel way of arranging the important finances to help develop your business. You must specify your goals for raising the fund and what benefits people will get from donating to that cause. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

Article was written by Guest writer MThomas.

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