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Choosing the Right Furniture For Your Restraunt

Furniture For Your Restraunt

If you’re opening a restaurant or food-serving venue, or perhaps renovating an existing location, choosing the right furniture such as tables, chairs, and other seating options is essential. You have to balance your space’s needs and the design or mood you’re aiming for, plus have the appropriate hardware to accommodate your guests. 

You also want to consider how easy the surfaces and materials are to clean. You’ll want sturdy and durable materials to withstand the needs of food service.


Tables are more than just a top and support to hold dishes; they are a focal point of any meal — excluding the food, of course — and should reflect the style of your venue. Are you going with metal Restaurant Tables? Hardwood with polished tops? A mix of metal, wood, or stone? 

Depending on the style of your eatery, you might choose a more upscale, classic look with wood frames and stone tops. For a more industrial vibe, you might choose stainless steel or aluminum. A cozy yet hip venue might look into burnished copper table tops and wood or metal legs. The options are endless, and you’re sure to find the right style for your restaurant. There’s no need to settle for the first option that you see. 


You also need to consider the square footage allocated to your dining areas. With a more spacious floor plan, you could spread things out without sacrificing seating options. If you have a cozier space, it might take a little more creativity to fit the needed tables and chairs. Still, the size of your tables and chairs will reflect the space you have. Does your venue have a high bar that requires stools? You could opt for barstools that are secured to the floor or independent chairs that can be easily stacked for cleaning. 

With multiple rooms, you could also choose to vary the style of your furniture to give each space its own unique look. Perhaps an intimate breakfast room with a coffee bar, or a larger party space where your guests can hosts events. 

Oftentimes if you’re setting up or renovating a building that is already built, you may be limited in the layout and square footage. But with the right furniture, you can make any space welcoming and exciting, regardless of the locale. 


It’s important to consider accessibility needs when designing the floorplan and furniture arrangements of your venue. Are there aisles wide enough for wheelchair users to navigate? Do you have benches suitable for guests who can’t use tall chairs? If you have a high bar, are there additional options for people to enjoy drinks and food without sitting on a barstool? 

Being ADA compliant is a necessary aspect of running a business. Make sure you have some seating and table options that are accessible to people with disabilities and wheelchair users or people who rely on scooters or other mobility aids. 

Furniture may not be the first thing guests think about when they patronize your venue, but the ambiance and seating furniture create is just as important as the food and drinks, and service. Make your choices count — and then raise a glass to your new business.

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