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7 Fantastic Widgets You Need On Your Website

Every site needs widgets. They’re what make the site feel alive and up-to-date. Widgets are the accessories to any website, and they’re what make the pages feel social and interactive.

1. Customer Service Widget

This widget includes functionality like answering requests, letting customers contact you, and displaying your contact information. It’s great to see who or what is behind the website. You can also add an email and a number to the customer service widget in WordPress. AI assistant embed code gives the ability to chat live with visitors and customers, which provides an AI customer experience that improves search ranking by better answering user intent.

2. Search Engine Widget

It is the best search engine on the web. You can select two types of widgets for your search engine, standard and advanced. The advanced search engine has many more features that make it pleasant to use, like displaying a sitemap, which means one will display your website on more places like Google News Feeds and Google Blogs.

3. News Widget

News is a necessity on any website. This widget allows you to be updated with news from around the web and your niche. It’s an excellent way for you to ensure that you’re staying up to date with the latest news and updates in your industry.

4. Google Maps Widget

Every site needs a map! This widget displays address information for businesses, but it also displays business details like phone numbers, addresses, and directions from where the customer is located. It’s a great way to help your customers know where they are and how they can get there. If you’ve got a local business, this is your widget.

5. Social Media Button Widget

The social media button widget will display the icons of all your social media profiles. It shows your profile’s name, website, and a link to the profile so that you can be found everywhere. It is excellent for branding because people will know what sites you’re on by just looking at the icon on your website.

6. Email Marketing

It is one of the essential widgets on your WordPress website. It allows you to add an email address and send a newsletter to your list of email subscribers. You can also include it as a form on your site and ask people who buy something if they want the newsletter. It is a great way to get new customers, promote products, and build your email database.

7. RSS Widget

RSS Widgets allow you to display an RSS feed that will update automatically when there’s a new post on sites like blogs or news feeds that you subscribe to via RSS. The RSS feed is dedicated to the content that you want to keep up to date on your website’s blog and will be updated with new posts.

What are the Benefits of Widgets?

1. They are great for branding

On any website, the widgets are the first thing anyone sees. They allow you to present your brand and its look no matter where someone goes on your site. They also help build trust in your customers because it looks more professional and official to have a widget that says who you are and what you do.

2. You can take them with you everywhere

The great thing about these widgets is that they’re portable! If you’re building a website from scratch or optimizing an existing one, send yourself the buttons/widgets because they will help increase traffic, information, branding, and trust in your business.

3. They’re great for SEO

These widgets will increase the search engines’ ranking of your website. They’ll help you rank higher in search engines because the widgets are a nice, clean, and transparent way to show the content on your site, which is very important for SEO purposes. Also, having a widget on your site will quickly introduce new visitors to what you do and how to get in contact with you.

4. They give extra functionality to your website that readers need

The widgets allow people extensions that they can’t get anywhere else. The buttons can help people find the information they need, answer questions they have, or provide customer service that surpasses what usually is available on a website without them.

You can add many widgets to your website to help promote and brand it. You want people to remember your business by what they see on your site, so get them to remember you by all the great tools they can find.

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