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Career Prospects for Microsoft AZ-303 Certification Exam Passers

Thinking of a career of a Microsoft Azure Solution Architect? Have doubts that you can become Microsoft certified and boost your career? Want to earn more but lack of skills and don’t know where to start from? Look at the Microsoft AZ-300 certification exam and the perks it brings.

So, to start from, the AZ-300 along with AZ-304 exam earns you the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification. To become such experts, you should possess the advanced knowledge of managing to compute, security, network, and security concepts, as well as demonstrate expertise in implementing and designing Microsoft Azure solutions. 

What You Need to Know About AZ-303 Exam

So, exam AZ-303 is the first one you have to sit for. But what do you know what to expect from it? Speaking of the AZ-303, this exam validates the candidates’ knowledge of administering Azure environments. Besides, the test-takers should have sufficient expertise in developing and managing DevOps and Azure processes. So, the successful exam-passers will gain not only technical experience but will also get more visibility and increase their chances to be accepted for a well-paid position in any international company.

Skills Verified During Microsoft AZ-303 Exam

If you want to be successful in your job and pass the Microsoft AZ-303 exam with ease, you should develop advanced skills related to the following topics:

  • Implementing and monitoring Azure infrastructure elements
  • Implementing various security and management solutions
  • Implementing different types of Azure solutions for apps
  • Implementing and managing data platforms

Once you finalize your training routine and develop knowledge on the topics included in the Microsoft AZ-303 exam blueprint, then you are ready to take the test. Your success in this exam will make you eligible for taking the following one and obtain the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert qualification. As a result, you will automatically become an interesting and promising candidate for the recruiters who are looking for skilled professionals. Therefore, your chances to be accepted to well-paid job roles will be considerably higher.


Positions for Successful Accreditation’s Holders

After you succeed in both exams, you deserve to be incentivized for his/her efforts to train for such difficult evaluations. Thus, once you gain the relevant qualification, you can apply for jobs, such as:

  • Azure Solutions Architect
  • Azure Cloud Engineer
  • Azure Administrator

The Azure Solutions Architect is someone who knows how to work with identity, virtualization, business continuity, data platform, governance, or disaster recovery concepts in an organization. S/he understands how his/her decisions can affect an enterprise and make documented decisions on which Azure tools to use. If you think from a salary perspective, then you should expect to receive an offer for $119k per annum in accordance with PayScale.com.

In the meantime, as consistent with the ZipRecruiter.com website, the salary that a certified Azure Cloud Engineer can obtain is $129k for one year. And, if you are chosen for this position, then you should be ready to successfully handle virtual machines that operate in an Azure environment. Your responsibilities will also include Azure VMs deployment or Azure IaaS management and monitoring.


Your career path can be very successful once you pass the Microsoft AZ-303 exam and this accreditation track completion. If you already work in an international organization, then your position in this company will be consolidated and your self-confidence will boost. Apart from receiving better payment, you will also have greater chances to be invited to complex projects to share your expertise and best practices. Good luck!

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