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Best Free CRM Software For Every Business

Customer relationship management is vital for every business. With so many free CRM software in the market, how do you pick the best one for your company? You need to know exactly what to look for in a CRM for small businesses. However, the best free CRM software provides a comprehensive range of solutions. Let’s have a look at the features included in CRM software.

What should you look for in a CRM for small businesses?

Small businesses use CRM software to help them with different business needs. For example, you could be getting stuck in the pipeline, and in such a case, you want a CRM with superior reporting features to help you identify the source of your problem.

Here are some key features to look for in a free CRM for small businesses

Communication tools

Communication drives customer relationships. A CRM for small businesses should have tools that support fast and comprehensive conversations. You need to sync your email to receive and send emails through the CRM. Overloop’s core objective is to improve and facilitate communication between your small business and customers.

A good CRM should give you outbound insights which inform you if your prospective customers opened and engaged with your email. You need to know when you get automated messages and when the system doesn’t deliver messages to act appropriately.  

Overloop CRM integrates with Slack, Zapier, Mailchimp, Chrome, Trello, and Todoist. You don’t have to change your work communication tools.

Accessible through mobile apps

The operations of a small business are diverse. Employees and management no longer just work from offices. So, the best CRM app for small businesses should be responsive on different devices.

You can access your CRM on the go to complete various tasks. Access any information and make critical decisions regardless of your location.

Productivity tools

The best CRM for small businesses has tools that increase your productivity. A CRM like Overloop allows you to attach notes, documents, view activity timelines and create tasks lists. These tools help you organize information according to the customer or organization for better and timely communication.

Reporting and forecasting

Reports are critical because they help you track and evaluate the performance of your sales team. The best free CRM software generates reports detailing pipeline performances, your sales team activities, and forecasts revenue.

Easy to use

Nobody wants to read long manuals to use the software. That’s why you need a simple CRM for small businesses. A good CRM is intuitive and easy to use so that your workforce doesn’t experience challenges using the system.

Email finder

Wondering how to start a conversation with a prospect? Overloop free CRM helps you find the email addresses of people and organizations online so you can embark on cold emailing campaigns. The email finder feature reduces the time spent looking for email contact since you can also search in bulk.

Choose the best CRM

Price shouldn’t limit your ability to leverage customer relationships to grow your business exponentially. Access the best free CRM software through the free sign-up and convert your conversations with customers into sales

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