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What are the Best Background Check Review Sites?

Employers find background checks very useful when they want to obtain basic information about their potential employees. Background check companies generate reports based on data that’s legally available for public access.

Often, you don’t need more than a name or phone number to check someone, but it’s also true that background checks can be a minefield of liability. It’s important to know who the best providers are as well as the most reliable places to get information about them. Market experts Unmask helped us rank the top background check review sites.

Observer researches and collects information about the best background check companies based on the reliability of information found, free service options, and other factors. It is our number one choice because it’s objective and reliable. Extensive research is done to make sure the rankings correspond to the truth. 

PC Mag 

PC Mag outlines the types of background checks to choose from and ranks providers on that basis. You’ll find the best credit check services, best companies for employment history verification, and more. They discuss recent developments related to social media searches, which have become a topic of heated debate among recruiters. 

Social media background checks may taint decisions due to bias. What’s more, they don’t yield relevant information about a potential hire’s work history. We learn from PC Mag that there are fewer arguments for social media checks than against them. 

In addition, PC Mag ranks providers based on aspects like user interface. The background check market is growing very fast, and that’s hardly a surprise – PC Mag’s top picks let users communicate with applicants, track progress, and order reports easily. They also deliver cutting edge integrations with data houses and HR candidate tracking systems, making recruitment professionals’ jobs easier.

Fundera has an innovative approach to ranking. There are different categories: best background check service for flexible plans and pricing, best overall business option, best for fast service, best for enterprises, best for global users, best for commercial and personal checks, and best for industry-specific screening. There is even a “best for gig workers” category. 

The site also offers useful background check tips: know your screening needs, look for accreditation, know the screening risks, and look for FCRA compliance. 

Best Online Reviews tell readers what to look for apart from offering a comprehensive and in-depth ranking of the best services. They are one of the few review sites to warn that there are lots of fake background check sites, which often leave users scammed with an utter lack of evidence proving they were the victims of a crime. They proceed to give us information about how to check if the background screening provider is legitimate. 

For one, a legitimate company will not ask people running a self-check as part of a job application to pay a fee. The fee has to be paid by the employer. You should make sure the address has “https:” in it. They also warn us to stay away from sites with poorly written text. 

Final Thoughts 

Background checks are becoming more and more important as we move to work from a home-based economy. HR departments are required to form an accurate and reliable picture of potential hires in a timely fashion. In financial services, engineering, technology, and other competitive areas, this is more critical than ever because aggressive recruiters looking to fill important positions as quickly as possible will sweep away the top candidates. 

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