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A List Of Things To Consider Before Buying Your New Property

For many people, owning property brings a sense of pride and freedom. From buying your new home which is the first step towards building long-term wealth to getting a vehicle and industrial equipment for your business, that feeling of accomplishment is second to none.

Whether you are a first-time property buyer or a real estate mogul, buying a property can sometimes be a challenging experience with many factors to consider in the process.

Here are some basic factors you need to consider before buying a new property so you can make the most of it out of your investment.


One of the most important things to consider before buying your new property is determining where you want it located. Properties are stationary assets and knowing where its location should be on your mind when buying because you can’t just move or shift it as you like. 

What kind of view do you like? What do you like to see in a locality? These are questions that might help in the process. 

Take a good look at the location and the locality. You should ensure the location is desirable and can provide good returns on your investment if you ever want to sell it.


A budget should be considered before buying anything and in this case — a property. Is the property you are getting within your budget? Can it also satisfy your present needs?  You should buy a property that you can afford irrespective of your status.  

If you’re considering getting a loan to buy a property, is it within your means to repay it within the stipulated time? Have you researched the requirements of the mortgage lender?

It’s not a difficult process. Say you’re based in Kansas State, a quick search on the mortgage lenders in liberty would bring out options you can choose from in the area. You should note that mortgage lenders look at a prospective borrower’s debt-to-income ratio when determining if they will lend money.

Water Supply and Sewage Systems

Water is life, you need to consider the condition of water supply in the area or town where your property would be located.  

If the local water supply and sewage and waste disposal dilemmas are unpleasant, there is a high chance it would still escalate leading to the high cost of drinking water.  Before investing in a property, ensure it has access to drinking water from healthy sources and that the civic body provides good sewage systems.

Legal Advice

Getting legal counsel can’t be overemphasized before purchasing a property. You need to be clear about the laws that govern the properties in the area. 

It’s easy for your judgment to be clouded by your emotions when choosing a property to buy, causing you to make improper investments. Take your time and get counsel from a legal advisor. Don’t allow anyone — the seller or agent, to talk you into buying something if you are unsure about any aspect of the property.

 Ask Questions

Nobody knows better than a curious person. Ask questions and have some idea of the properties in the area. Sometimes, it’s not just about price and location. There areas that aren’t safe to live or do business in.

Research and ask questions about the environment of your intended purchase. Move on to the next if you are not satisfied with the answers.


Another important factor to consider before buying your new property is to verify it has all the necessary approvals, licenses, and clearances from the right authorities. You should also be certain the builder has all the documents for the project, such as title deed, fire approvals, encumbrance, tax receipts, release certificate, land use, and others. It’s important to check these before making any commitment.

Good Resale Value

Before you buy a new property, consider the value when it’s time to resell. Would it appreciate or depreciate even if you invested so much money in it?

Endeavor to choose the right property in a good location among other things so that your future sales price will not be less than your initial investment.

Additional Costs

Make an effort to know about any additional costs before you buy. They include Transfer fees, conveyancing fees, maintenance charges, deposits for lights and water, service charges by real estate agents, lenders or mortgage brokers, home inspector, land surveyor, lawyer or notary, etc.

Buying a new property can be a good investment for sure, but it can also be a very big time to sink. You are going to be putting a lot of hours into shaping the project into what you want.

It can go well and be profitable if you consider the foundations and cornerstones of property investment.

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